MiraSpa’s Splunch package – spa day at The Mira Hong Kong


Freelance life has many perks, but chief among them has to be the ability to take a spa day whenever I want (all in the name of “research”, of course) – especially when you have a business partner who loves spa days every bit as much as you do! So when the invite to The Mira Hong Kong’s Splunch package arrived in the Editors’ Ink inbox, my business partner and blogger bestie Kate aka Accidental Tai Tai and I were in there like a flash.

Running until the end of November 2016, the somewhat cringily-titled Splunch – which sounds like something Jay off The Inbetweeners might say – equates to a full day of pampering goodness for only $1388 per person, including:

  • A 60-minute Mira Massage
  • A 60-minute Aromatherapy Associates Rose Aromatic Facial
  • A buffet lunch at Yamm
  • Full use of MiraSpa’s heat facilities, swimming pool and fitness centre

Let’s dive in! Well, apart from the fitness centre…. Kate and I ignored that obviously.


The Spa
Lots of hotel spas in Hong Kong have the dark and mysterious Oriental vibe cornered but befitting the hip contemporary feel of the hotel itself, MiraSpa has gone for the cool and modern look – which I’m personally a big fan of, given my love for Bliss Spa. With splashy purple hues, white blobby lights, trippy beats and a floatation lounge full of water beds, it’s destination Balearic bliss all the way.

After an invigorating cup of ginger tea, we were ushered into our VIP suite for the treatments to begin, starting with a relaxing little foot bath where our therapists explained what lay ahead. First up was the Mira Massage, a blend of Asian and Western techniques including aromatherapy, hot stones and advanced sports therapy. I’m a bit of a weakling when it comes to massages but my therapist Connie nailed the medium pressure I needed at first stroke, and soon my limbs were drifting off into a very happy place. The highlight of the treatment was the hot stone therapy – divine balls of happy heat that danced away my aches and pains – and I only wished this part had lasted longer.


Then it was onto the Rose Aromatic Facial, which utilises products from luxe British spa brand Aromatherapy Associates. I have to confess that I utterly detest rose scents so I did find the fragrance slightly overpowering; I’m also not a huge fan of facials like this that swipe your face after every step with cotton pads soaked in cleanser or toner, as I personally find it pretty drying. That said, there were still plenty of perks to the treatment – a very soothing moisturising mask (which allows ample time for, you’ve guessed it, a wonderful head massage) and a very painful extraction (which I was rather sceptical about at the time, but which did seem to hold my ever-problematic blackheads at bay for much longer than usual afterwards).

And I had absolutely zero quibbles with the final results – a much rested, clearer complexion with soft smooth skin to match, a real radiance that was still very visible a good ten days after the treatment, even with a stinking cold thrown in the mix. If that’s the pay-off for putting up with the occasional cloying whiff of rose, then drench me in the stuff please!


The Lunch
Despite our best attempts to claim squatter’s rights in our spa suite by snoozing away, it was off to lunch we headed – to Yamm, The Mira’s buffet restaurant located on the ground floor. In all honesty, this did bring us crashing back to reality rather too soon; whilst the restaurant is pretty spacious, the buffet crowds had already descended… and Hong Kong buffet crowds are pretty much the exact opposite to feelings of inner calm and Zen.

Yamm’s buffet is huge and features both Western and Asian options – cheese and cold cuts, salads, fresh seafood, dim sum and congee, sushi, an udon station, roast meat, a waffle station, decadent desserts, fresh fruit… it’s essentially a full sweep of every cuisine category available on OpenRice. I went straight for the roast beef with gravy, roast potatoes… and beef siu mai (third-generation cross-cultural kid reporting for duty!). It was all delicious, albeit probably not the light post-spa lunch that wellness warriors on Instagram would extoll… especially not once I finished things off with a freshly-made waffle topped with ice cream and chocolate sprinkles.


The Rest
Kate and I had been itching to try The Mira’s infinity pool for many years now; we had nicknamed it “The Disco Pool” thanks to its Studio 54-esque glittering lights combined with the groovy baby contrast of aqua waters with a magenta ceiling. The pool was happily pretty empty all afternoon and was every bit as awesome as we’d imagined, and we spent a blissful few hours setting the world to rights whilst hopping between the heated pool, bubbling Jacuzzi and surrounding cushy white sofas – with time for a few obligatory pool selfies, of course! The best kind of office for the day if you ask me.

Nevertheless, I do think the Splunch package would be improved by keeping everything in the bubble of the MiraSpa basement; having to get changed out of your comfy spa robe and drag yourself to the buffet bustle one floor up is about as big a #firstworldproblem as it gets, but if The Mira could somehow incorporate a light lunch poolside (a la The Conrad Hong Kong’s Weekend By The Pool package), it would make the whole experience far more cohesive. MiraSpa does already serve fresh juices and mocktails poolside, so this would be a relatively easy tweak that would make a big difference to the overall level of lushness – and mean you wouldn’t have to harsh your spa mellow until you actually made it out The Mira Hong Kong’s doors for good (well… until your next spa day, you know what I mean).


Overall though, The Mira Hong Kong’s Splunch is truly fantastic value for money, especially given the high quality of treatments and all-day use of the fabulous swimming pool (as well as the sauna, steam room, hydra pool and experience showers if they catch your fancy); the components of the package normally stack up to a total of $2483, so it really is a significant saving. Just one hour-long treatment would already be great, two is a brilliant bonus and I could happily wallow in that disco pool all day – so for a day of pure pampering perfection, it’s simply mira-vellous!

MiraSpa’s Splunch package costs $1388 plus 10% service charge, and is available weekdays 9am-6pm until 30 November 2016 (excluding public holidays)

The Rose Aromatic Facial lasts 60 minutes and normally costs $880 on weekdays and $920 on weekends and public holidays; the Mira Massage lasts 60 minutes and normally costs $895 on weekdays and $925 on weekends and public holidays

MiraSpa, The Mira Hong Kong, 118 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, +852 2315 5500


Note: this experience was by invitation

Christian Louboutin Jazz Doll nail polish review


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Jazz Doll is actually the most unique of the scarlet trio (which totally sounds like it should be the name of a jazz band… or potentially a criminal gang from the 1940s), a cool-leaning cherry red with an underlying seam of pink shimmer. This is definite Snow White enchanted apple territory – except if Snow White met her fate via a bunch of poisoned cherries, or perhaps some enticingly shiny boiled sweets. Yes, all my references are edible!

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This summer has to be one of the wettest, greyest, most miserable on record – and I’ve been feeling rather dull and deflated as a result. So thank heavens (when torrential storms aren’t pouring out of them, that is) for lovely spa treatments that act as the perfect rainy day pick-me-up, like the Natura Bissé Diamond Brilliant Facial at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong’s Oriental Spa.

This facial isn’t just a pick-me-up for your rain-soaked soul though; it’s designed to be a real pick-me-up for dull skin, brightening your complexion and reducing uneven pigmentation… And with sun-deprived, sallow skin in desperate need of a rapid shot of radiance, I couldn’t reply to my trial invite quick enough!

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Christian Louboutin Lady Peep nail polish review

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So it’s no surprise that my second pick from the Christian Louboutin Red Nail Extensions Collection manages to be quite so different from the first. Lady Peep is dark and brooding where Edgypopi was bright and fresh; it’s the arched eyebrow of maturity to the fist pump of youth, the sophistication to Edgypopi’s sass. This is a long-winded way of saying it’s a dark red.

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Christian Louboutin Edgypopi nail polish review

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Red nail polish comes next to a standard French manicure in the boring stakes for me. Why opt for boring, conformist, crowd-pleasing red when there are glittery turquoises or colour-shifting metallics to play with instead? So if I’m going to do a red, I’m going to do it right… which can only mean Christian Louboutin.

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Chuan Tao of Detox treatment at Chuan Spa, Cordis Hong Kong review

Chuan Spa Cordis Hong Kong

When you think of Mong Kok, “relaxing oasis of calm” probably isn’t the first phrase that springs to mind; in fact, “crazy-intense shopping insanity that sets my teeth on edge the minute I arrive at the MTR station” is probably a lot more apt. But the second you step out of the crush and into Chuan Spa, the stress all just melts away.

Located in Cordis Hong Kong – the hotel formerly known as Langham Place Hong Kong – Chuan Spa is a pampering destination with a difference, being one of the only fancy hotel spas to concentrate more on traditional Chinese medicine. This manifests itself both in the décor, which is all dark wood, jade and Asian antique design touches – I loved the gorgeous medicine cabinet in the waiting room and the trickling water feature in the corridors between therapy rooms – and the treatments themselves, which have been designed to balance the traditional five elements of water, earth, fire, wood and metal.

Cordis Hong Kong Chuan Spa View

I was invited to try the Chuan Tao of Detox treatment, a bumper 150 minutes of pampering bliss. But before hitting the massage bed, there’s a short questionnaire to complete in the spa’s serene contemplation room – which boasts some pretty cool views over Kowloon to boot – to discover what element you most identify with, which in turn matches with one of five custom Chuan Spa oil blends. I did this, discovered my element then swiftly went off-piste to pick whichever one featured my beloved lavender instead (wood, by the way)!

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Yep, if the average pointe work on solid ground never struck you as being quite challenging enough, the introduction of frozen water and blades about 4mm in thickness should do the trick nicely!

Joking aside, The Imperial Ice Stars’ production of Swan Lake On Ice is exactly the kind of show that the word “spectacle” was invented for. Taking Tchaikovsky’s original much-loved score and transferring the action to an ice rink is a move bound to outrage more than a few ballet purists – but when Odette (Olga Sharutenko) actually takes flight during the swooningly romantic dance between her and Prince Siegfried (Bogdan Berezenko), it feels like something straight out of a fairy tale.

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