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‘Delightfully quirky and witty… vivacious and full of pep… a must-read.’
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‘Peppered with style, yummy food, sass and all things fab… Rach brings us great posts on where to eat, shop and live a fun life in Hong Kong.’
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‘It’s OK.’
My boyfriend

I’m Rachel Read, a Hong Kong-based freelance writer, editor, blogger, dessert addict and general layabout.

You may recognise me from Page 187 of Sean Smith’s Cheryl (as in Cole), calling the actress Tallulah Riley ‘delightful’ on her Wikipedia page or from my former roles as long-standing/suffering Music & Style Editor of Teentoday, Editor of Sassy Hong Kong or any of the other places found on my CV… or you may not recognise me at all, in which case “Hello!”

I created Through The Looking Glass in 2010, a “beauty, food, Hong Kong and whatever else I can think of” blog, as one of the few English-language beauty blogs in Hong Kong with in-depth product reviews and swatches. I also write about Hong Kong restaurants (including lots of desserts!), shows, exhibitions, places to visit and other quirky things, alongside an eclectic mix of theatre, music, film and television reviews, and random musings on ‘pretty things’.

A long time ago, I graduated with a First Class Degree in English Studies from Nottingham University. I wrote a 10,000 word dissertation about The Stylistics of Chick-Lit (versus generic romance novels), which I am still pretty proud of and all too happy to whore out to anyone that’s interested. You can also see more examples of my writing for various publications (and none of it is 10,000 words long, I promise) here.

Some stuff I love: middle eights, epic key changes, print dresses, garlic, my boyfriend, Bliss Spa, Girls Aloud, studying and attempting to learn dance routines, men in suits with posh accents, inappropriate crushes, salted caramel and cute dogs.

Some stuff I don’t: people who dislike the mainstream in misguided attempts to ‘be cool’, getting my hands dirty, insects, wanting stuff I can’t afford, ingratitude, tardiness and foie gras.

All in all, not too shabby, right?!

If you are interested in my writing, sending products for review or just want to tell me your favourite ever nail polish, please email me at rachelmread+ttlg@gmail.com.

Or if you’re young and hip, find me on social media here:

Twitter: @rachttlg
Facebook: Through The Looking Glass
Instagram: @rachttlg

Thanks for visiting!

16 responses to “About

  1. Hi Rachel
    Faith works with Benita

    Great site, it could be a glossy international magazine. Keep it up.

  2. Thx Faith – although I can’t take much of the credit! WordPress makes it very easy! Hope you carry on reading xxx

  3. Hi, your mum told me to contact you – my mum (Joy) works with her and I’m starting an English degree in Spetember. I wondered how you got work with magazines and writing reviews and such – a blogs a good idea, may have to think about one for myself 🙂 xx

    • Hey Hannah (of course I remember you!)

      I wouldn’t start worrying too much yet – once you’re at uni, you should get the opportunity to write for the student magazine/newspaper. Also, you could start looking on the Internet for work experience with magazines – careers department at your college should be able to help – or websites/existing blogs that are looking for writers or contributors. But this will all be unpaid and work experience placements are very competitive and mostly not in Nottingham! I think setting up a blog is a good start and WordPress makes it pretty easy – or you could try tumblr or Blogger and see what works best. Write about what you’re interested in, that way it will be more fun! Keep me updated! xxx

  4. Hi Rach
    Do you sell your artwork
    I love the print of Audrey Hepburn with the word moment on it…
    Are you selling a version of this print?
    I would like to have it mounted on canvas as artwork for my place
    Please respond to my email

  5. Hey!

    Just thought I’ll comment since I really liked your posts on different restaurants in Hong Kong and its in English! Planning to go to a few with my friends the next time we meet.
    Also I thought it was cool to read that you also teach kindergarten X’D
    Its been a pleasure to read your blog!

    • Hey Connie,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Glad you enjoyed my blog and hope you carry on reading! There are lots of other great food blogs (in English!) for HK (not many English HK beauty blogs though) and most of them take MUCH better photos than me, so I try to compensate on the word count! Openrice also has some English reviews and is good for getting a general overview for restaurants.

      Alas, my kindergarten days are behind me and I’m still working out what lies ahead!

      Thanks again 🙂


  6. Hi Rach,

    Came across your website on a pretty boring day in the office and wanted to say I found all the content really interesting, from reviews on restaurants to your insight on the McBride/Myers murders. Being a HK kid myself, I went to uni in the UK and then came back to HK again with no real ideas of what I want to do so also trying to figure out what lies ahead. I thought it was pretty inspiring that you have taken things in your own hands and tried to do something you love.

    Hope it all works out for you, and keep up the good work.



    • Hi Cat

      Thanks for your kind comments and encouragement; sorry for the delay in replying… I’m so happy that you enjoyed reading my blog and that it helped you while away a few boring hours in the office!

      How are you finding being back in HK? Hopefully, we’ll both find our true callings here sometime!


  7. Wow, I’m quite inspired by how you’ve gotten to where you are. I studied something similar (Event Management) and want to get into writing/journalism. Very inspirational =)

    Definitely keeping a tab on your blog ^^

    • Hi Maggie

      That is so sweet and lovely that you are inspired by me! But honestly, I’m a lazy good-for-nothing slacker really!

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog too! Make sure you comment on stuff so I know what you like! And thanks for this comment, it means a lot!


  8. Hello Rachel,

    Great pieces of writing you’ve got here. This will be the first bookmarked blog in my phone. It’s nice to take a break from reading about cars and guy stuff sometimes. Thanks for sharing your insights 🙂

    • Hi Allen

      Thanks so much for the kind comment and glad you are enjoying the blog! Hope all the make-up doesn’t put you off!

      • Had been busy at work did not realise you replied! Now I’m on a one week break in HK 🙂 no, doesn’t put me off. make up is very important!

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