Butter London Wallis nail polish review

I’m never one for following the seasons with my nail polish (I mean… have you seen how often I wear glittery “holiday” colours?!), but if you’re looking for a perfect fall colour, you can’t go far wrong with Butter London Wallis.

This beauty made its way to me thanks to my lovely make-up mule Justine after many months of lusting – but it was definitely worth the wait. Generally, I don’t lose too many sleeps over Butter London’s limited (and stupidly expensive) availability in Hong Kong as their colours aren’t really that special (their British slang names which have been confusing American bloggers for years with hilarious consequences, are pretty priceless though), but Wallis is definitely one of their smash hits and unique enough to warrant pursuing across the oceans!

Named after Wallis Simpson, the scarlet woman who rocked the monarchy, this polish definitely has a rather regal touch. It’s a stunning dirty olive-gold (can I pull out the word chartreuse please?!) with a slightly blackened quality that still doesn’t stop it positively gleaming with awesomeness. The finish is similar to Chanel’s Graphite – not quite a glitter, not quite a foil, but some speckled shiny subtle in-between. A grown-up way of wearing metallic polishes with zero danger of brush strokes, this means it works equally well dressed up to the nines with a party frock as it does worn cool and casually adding an edge to some dirty denim cut-offs.

For those who haven’t used Butter London yet and before you go on a rant (like I did!) about annoying awkward rectangular shaped caps, don’t worry – the rectangular bit lifts off to reveal a smaller circular easy-grip lid. The brush is of a nice middling size and Wallis makes everything very easy, applying smoothly with a high quality flowing consistency. Trust me when I say this one is a TOTAL stunner in real-life and pictures do not really do it justice.

Wallis’ vampy metallic glow makes it a great colour for fall – but frankly, it’s a polish good enough for all seasons. I anoint thee Queen Wallis, ruler of my fingertips (shhh… don’t tell Liz)!

Looks good with: an LBD, dirty denim, a crown
Drying time: 7-10 mins
Coats required: 2
Chips: 3 days

Butter London Wallis nail polish, Fall 2011 Collection

2 responses to “Butter London Wallis nail polish review

  1. Where can you buy this in Hong Kong?? I’ve been looking for this forever

    • Hi Hazel

      In the review, I mention that one of my friends from Canada sent this over to me. You can get some Butter London nail polishes from a shop in iSquare in TST but the prices are so jacked up, I’d rather ask one of my Stateside friends very nicely to help me out!

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