I Know That Feel Bro!

Got problems? I know that feel bro!

But no one illustrates shared problems quite as awesomely as artist Chris Gerringer.

Gerringer’s I Know That Feel Bro quirky series of illustrations takes fictional pop culture characters and draws them side-by-side, consoling each other in their shared misery.  A problem shared is a problem halved, right? And judging by his drawings, a lot more cute too!

That very basic description strips it down into sounding a lot less witty, clever, funny and adorable than it actually is, so I’m going to let his artwork do the talking with a few of my favourites show below. And any grown man that is unafraid to show their knowledge of Pokemon gets two thumbs up from me!

Half of the fun is guessing the characters and shared connections but I also know that it’s extremely infuriating when you have no idea who the hell certain people are (my video game knowledge is clearly not up to scratch!), so Gerringer’s fun titles and the characters depicted are written at the bottom of each pic. So make sure you get your guesses in before scrolling down too far!

(The top photo is my all-time favourite, Itty Bitty Living Space, featuring Pikachu and Disney’s Genie from Aladdin. Come on, I didn’t need to tell you that one, did I?!)

Second fave, Genetic Experiments. Stitch AND Wolverine… when else would you ever see these two together?! And that’s what makes the series so great.

Addicted To Dots – PacMan and Hungry Hippo

Always Kinda Emo – Eeyore and Cloud from Final Fantasy. Yeah… I know nothing about Final Fantasy but HOW CUTE IS EEYORE. SO SQUISHY.

Being Green – The Hulk and Kermit

Gotta Have Rings – Sonic the Hedgehog and Captain Planet (he’s the hero, bringing pollution down to zero!).

Imaginary Friend – Hobbes and Tyler from Fight Club. Clever.

Nose Problems – Pinocchio and Rudolph. Rudolph’s tiny little ears… squee!

Overbearing Fairies (just the title made me laugh) – Link from Zelda and Peter Pan

Premature Baldness – Professor X and Charlie Brown

Scientifically Demoted – Triceratops and Pluto. Another chuckle out loud moment.

Unintelligible Speech – Beaker and Chewbacca.

…and finally, because Arrested Development always wins…

Blue Yourself – Tobias and Dr Manhattan from Watchmen. To be honest, it could just be a never-nude Tobias and I’d still find it just as hilarious.

And errr… just because… go, Jigglypuff!

Check out the rest of the I Know That Feel Bro series and more of Gerringer’s brilliant illustration work on his website and DeviantArt page – Pokemon fans, you’re in for a treat, trust me!

7 responses to “I Know That Feel Bro!

  1. Hahahahah oh Rach these brightened my day! Had a proper giggle to myself! 🙂 Love it x

  2. They’re fun, cute, colorful & lovely.

  3. Haha Ernie showed these to me a while back, so awesome. Wait, what happened to triceratops?!?!

  4. I love these illustrations, very quirky and unique style, thanks for the intro!

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