Australia’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7 – the full Monty?

montana cox

I stopped recapping Australia’s Next Top Model when I hit Season 7; after re-watching it recently, I remembered why – it was boring.

Yes, the show had its most successful winner ever in the shape of the stunning Montana “Monty” Cox – who has since walked for the likes of Chanel, Dior, Givenchy and Tom Ford at London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks (*waves happily at awful Season 4 winner Demelza Reveley, last spotted advertising Ferrero Rocher*). That’s her up above managing to rock having no eyebrows in a Dubai desert by the way. And her managing to rock a ridiculous beehive and sweltering winter clothes in summer down below. Goddess.

montana dubai ausntm season 7

But a cast of beautiful girls does not necessarily great television make, and given the fact that Season 7 didn’t include:

Girl forced to repeat the phrase “I am a power pussy” down the phone to her mum
Model shagging member of the crew, who had to be escorted off-set
Batshit-crazy constestant having meltdown over someone speaking too loudly in a taxi
Massive bullying scandal and the host not turning up for the finale
Punching of walls, swearing on catwalks and stealing of lines in a commercial
The wrong winner being announced

It was substantially less good than any of the seasons of AusNTM that preceded it. Hell, there weren’t even any proper meltdowns at makeover. Is that not the main reason for makeovers?

Sadly, this season peaked at around Show 2 when – after the original gimmick of 100 girls at model bootcamp had been whittled down to 20 – the contestants were all flown to Paris to take part in the most stunning photo-shoot Australia’s Next Top Model has probably ever seen. In fact, it may have used up the entire budget for Season 8, which was pretty terrible. Jez Smith on photographer duty, fancy French chateau, stunning couture clothing… need I say more?

neo ausntmizzy ausntm season 7

Well, I might as well, because these are by far my favourite photos from the season. This photo of Neo Yakuac above may actually be my one of favourites taken any series of AusNTM ever.

I remember hating pink-haired Izzy Vesey at the time for her unrelenting “I’m so quirky me” attitude but on re-watching, I actually quite liked her! Clearly old age has mellowed my attitude to hair dye – although having a business partner who continuously rocks fire engine red locks has probably helped in that. Izzy was actually one of the more dynamic girls and there’s no denying that this photo is probably one of the best of the season too.

caroline ausntm season 7 yolanda ausntm season 7

I also loved Caroline Austin’s shot (total Maleficient from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, no? Sidenote: also now pretty successful under the name Charlie Austin) although she declared that the stylist was a bitch for choosing that outfit. And poor Alex Perry gets forced to bust out his “expensive” line earlier every single year – but how could he not when confronted with the droolingly gorgeous Yolanda Hodgson making this see-through dress (“Sorry dad!”) look like it’s worth a million dollars? That’s literally couture emperor’s new clothes, people!

alissandra ausntm season 7liz paris couture ausntm season 7

Bogan of the season was Cassy Phillips-Sainsbury who, when Jez asked her if she’d been practising poses in the mirror pre-shoot, cheerfully replied “Nah!” Gurrrrrrl. But even the entertainment value of someone who pronounced chateau “chatoo” and couture “contur” wasn’t enough to see her past the third episode, and the laughs pretty much melted away with it. So here’s Alissandra Moone and Liz Braithwaite’s Paris couture photos instead.

montana paris couture ausntm season 7

Although her departure made the cast the strongest yet, my boyfriend and I picked out Monty right from the get-go (after Cycle 6’s Amanda, that’s two correct winners in a row – if only The Grand National was this easy!); this sentiment was echoed by each photographer nearly every week, making the result a rather boringly forgone conclusion.

So it was up to Simone Holtznagel below, who finished third but is now also massively successful (more so than the beautiful Audrey Hepburn-esque runner-up Liz – swan-neck, ballerina grace, infectious smile, sigh), to play at being the season’s villain by hating on one girl’s irritating voice, bitching about another girl being fat for stealing a tub of Milo when she was eliminated and holding her water bottle over Neo’s face in a commercial challenge. Hardly Dick Dastardly, is it?

simone ausntm season 7

However, having now suffered through two seasons of host Jennifer “JenBot” Hawkins and mentor Didier “Dildo” Cohen (gotta love AusNTM fan forum nicknames), I do have a renewed appreciation for the panel. Sarah Murdoch will always unfairly be remembered for her wrong winner gaffe but she was actually a fantastic host – a natural on camera, articulate, thoughtful and correct critiques, and the genuine impression that she gave a shit about the contestants. Fast-forward to the current season and JenBot merely smiles vacantly, barely engages with the girls and then gives the final photo yet another unexplained 7.5 score at panel. And while I was no huge fan of Josh Flinn – a cuddlier, less catty replacement for previous model mentor Jonathan Pease – he at least had a real bond with the contestants, whilst Didier can barely get his words out through his terrible set of veneers.

As ever, it was up to Charlotte Dawson and Alex Perry i.e. best Next Top Model judges EVER, to provide most of the entertainment.

(About a girl with a beautiful face but average body) “This isn’t Australia’s Next Top Head.”

“You know how people say modelling with your eyes? Well she’s modelling with her tits.”

“She’s got a case of MMS – men’s magazine syndrome.”

“I give Madeleine a hard time about looking like a tranny because she wears more make-up than Alex Perry.”

Charlotte comparing herself and Alex to The Muppets’ Statler & Waldorf at the live finale was also most excellent. Oh Charlotte, you are so so missed.

hazel ausntm season 7

Anyway, I suppose I’d better talk about the photoshoots. Frankly, it was all a massive comedown after couture in Paris and whilst not approaching America’s Next Top Model levels of ridiculousness, there were some rather gimmicky themes that let the girls down. Great Gatsby at a train station with some random soap actor? Naked covered in pink paint with grey granny wigs? Lady Gaga in a coffin?!

izzy liz jess swimwear ausntm 7neo montana tayah swimwear ausntm 7

For me, the best shoots were the simplest – namely this colour-popping swimsuit shoot in Week 3. Izzy – hot. Liz – hot. Jess – hot (now a successful artist FYI). Neo – hot. Montana – hotttttt. I also just can’t resist cannon fodder Tayah Lee-Traub’s photo – definitely not hotttt but cute as button, even if she’s doing some variant on the mashed potato dance.

liz jess ausntm 7hazel izzy ausntm 7

My other favourite shoot was the tribal-inspired one at Kangaroo Island photographed by Nick “Leery” Leary, another of my AusNTM photographer favourites as he usually produces great shots. This was no exception – I loved the styling, the setting, the mood, the make-up… the lot. Izzy looks like Boadicea!

My final verdict on Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 7? Even if the show was a bit boring at least it produced a great winner. Cycle 8 didn’t even manage that…

3 responses to “Australia’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7 – the full Monty?

  1. I can’t wait to see if you’ll recap the latest season of AusNTM as I’d love to hear all about your opinions! Although, it seems quite dull compared to what has occurred in the previous seasons. Cycle 5 (go Tahnee!) and 9 are the only AusNTM cycles I’ve watched – I tend to watch ANTM because the challenges are so ridiculous. Oh, and for Tyra’s antics of course. What other shows do you watch?

    • I’m not sure if I’ll recap Cycle 9… although I have plenty to say as this season has been total BS! Beautiful cast (as ever with AusNTM) but it’s been poorly edited (I could have predicted the final 2 from the first few shows; Brittany has had total winners’ edit from the start and Lucy being there over Lauren/Jess/Alex is a total fix) and the ridiculous scoring system has made me so mad! Jennifer Hawkins is totally dull and doesn’t interact with the girls at all, the challenges have been nonsensical (walking down a building shows what catwalk skills exactly?!), the photoshoots have got progressively worse (with rubbish pictures chosen) and there has been barely any footage shown of the girls at the house or behaving candidly which means zero drama. Not happy!

      Definitely advise you to download the other seasons of AusNTM (apart from Cycle 8, which was also pretty rubbish; all reviewed on the blog here) as for me, they’re by FAR the best English version of Next Top Model shows as they combine great photos/model-esque girls with great telly! And don’t even get me started on the joke that is Asia’s Next Top Model!

      • Yes! The judging has been all over the place this season. I still can’t believe they made the conscious decision to throw another girl into the mix based solely on their selfie. Immediately we knew Zara wasn’t cut out for the limelight given the quality of her photographs but they still dragged the poor girl along (and made some others roadkill as a result). It wasn’t fair on the contestants who’d worked so hard but I think if they’d eliminated her it would’ve looked like their entire ploy was a mistake and they’ve got to maintain their image, don’t they? About the building challenge, they had the same one in some season of ANTM so it wasn’t too surprising, but ridiculous nonetheless. I also feel like they chose Lucy over Alex because they believed Alex would’ve been able to make it on her own regardless. The only remotely entertaining parts of the season was Alex and Ayieda’s drama, to be honest!

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