Food love – Mochachocolatarita’s cute Valentine’s foodie illustrations

hong kong valentine's xiao long bao

I’m not one for Valentine’s Day AT ALL… but when I saw these cute and fun V-Day foodie illustrations by my fabulous blogger friend, Mochachocolatarita (try saying that when you’ve had a few!), I knew I just had to share!

hong kong valentine's boloh bao

Rita has taken some much-loved matches-made-in-HK-food-heaven and turned them into very sweet, loved-up illustrations for Valentine’s Day. Forget cheesy giant teddy bears and half-dead bouquets of flowers… these pictures are much more fun!

hong kong valentine's fish balls

hong kong valentine's wonton

When Rita posted these on her Instagram, many of us started trying to think of more yummy food-love combos. After our recent #HKFoodBlogger meet-up, I suggested the somewhat extreme, “You are the pig’s brain to my hotpot” – good luck trying to make that one look cute, Rita!

Some more ideas for UK food-themed ones:

You are the brown sauce to my bacon butty.
You are the mushy peas to my fish and chips.
You are the Rich Tea to my cuppa char.
You are the Yorkshire Pudding to my Sunday Roast.
You are the baked beans to my bangers and mash.

Hmmmm… none of these sound quite as romantic as the Hong Kong foodie combos, do they… even if they all taste just as delicious!

hong kong valentine's red bean ice cream

hong kong valentine's dao fu fa

So when I hear my boyfriend declare that I’m the McDonald’s French Fries to his McNuggets, I’ll know it really is true love! 😛

And don’t forget to check out more truly scrumptious food musings on Rita’s blog here (just don’t blame me for the inevitable food envy that follows)!

8 responses to “Food love – Mochachocolatarita’s cute Valentine’s foodie illustrations

  1. I’m so in love with these, thanks for the heads up on another great HK blog 🙂

  2. I think it’s fun, simple but sweet, classic Hong Kong style!

  3. Hello Rach !
    I was looking for a beauty blog from Hong Kong, I found yours and I like it, because not only your blog is about beauty but also about food and many Hong Kong’s stuff.
    I’m a Chinese born in France and I really like Hong Kong (maybe because I have been watching TVB dramas for years – or even my whole life). So I’m happy to read your blog which is very interesting.
    Read you soon !

    • Hi Katsukii

      Thanks for dropping by and thank you so much for the kind words! Hope you’ll carry on reading and see some more posts on here you like soon 🙂

  4. These illustrations of HK food love are so cute… My fave is you are the wontons to my noodles…:p~ slurp… A Tokyo one could be….”You are the wasabi to my sushi”….urh, nope…doesn’t sound quite right…haha…

    • Haha I know – there’s just something about the HK foods that seem cuter, right?! Such a fun project by Rita; hopefully she’ll come up with more cool stuff next V Day!

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