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TWG Tea Salon & Boutique review – bon appe-tea!

TWGs hk tea tasting 5

At afternoon tea, it can be easy to lose focus… cute bite-sized finger sandwiches, scrumptious sweets, and of course, buttery yummy warm fuzzy-inducing scones (with clotted cream, of course). But it is called afternoon TEA for a reason – so who better to bring the focus back on your humble cup of char than TWG Tea!

I was invited for an epic afternoon tea of girlie chats, delicious nibbles, and pot after pot after pot of more tea than you ever thought existed with blogger BFFs Jasmine of Dress Me and Vanessa of All Things Indulgent, plus the lovely Renee from Flare and TWG’s Cathy. And for a truly special afternoon tea, you can’t go far wrong.

TWG started in Singapore and its Hong Kong Tea Salon & Boutique in the IFC mall has a Raffles-esque colonial feel, with rattan furniture, smartly suited and booted staff, and walls lined with iconic vintage-style tins of their signature 1837 blend. Afternoon teas are so ten-a-penny here that it’s lovely to find one that still feels special and a treat, without being in yet another five-star hotel. Time has a habit of standing still in TWG, and in hectic HK, that’s actually kind of a joy.

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The Saem Mint Foot Treatment Mask review

the saem foot treatment mask

Feet are just intrinsically rather gross, right?

People that post pictures of their pedicures… sorry. I. Just. Cannot. Even princesses and fairies probably have manky feet. Hey, I can cope with seeing the beatific Princess Kate’s boobs… but the thought of copping a glance at her feet – no thanks!

Suffice to say, my feet get very little love, hence explaining why they’re dry rough gnarled specimens that are kept in socks or slippers at all costs. (I still shudder thinking about how I had to go barefoot at school for gym.) So in the effort to try and make my feet bear less resemblance to those of a mountain goat, I decided to give this The Saem Mint Foot Treatment Mask a go.

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