The Saem Mint Foot Treatment Mask review

the saem foot treatment mask

Feet are just intrinsically rather gross, right?

People that post pictures of their pedicures… sorry. I. Just. Cannot. Even princesses and fairies probably have manky feet. Hey, I can cope with seeing the beatific Princess Kate’s boobs… but the thought of copping a glance at her feet – no thanks!

Suffice to say, my feet get very little love, hence explaining why they’re dry rough gnarled specimens that are kept in socks or slippers at all costs. (I still shudder thinking about how I had to go barefoot at school for gym.) So in the effort to try and make my feet bear less resemblance to those of a mountain goat, I decided to give this The Saem Mint Foot Treatment Mask a go.

The Saem is a Korean cosmetics brand – and trust a Korean brand, the masters of pretty make-up packaging, to make even a foot mask look rather lovely. Gotta love the bizarre brand name as well – I’m sure we’ve all put up with some ‘Mom’s Nagging’ in our time!

foot mask instructions

The product itself is pretty simple – a mask, but for your feet. Instructions were in Korean, but luckily it’s all pretty self-explanatory and there are even some foolproof pictures to help!

Each packet comes with two thin plastic sheet masks that slip over your entire foot like the world’s least sexy socks; you then secure them in place with two rubber bands (also provided), and it’s basically a fancier equivalent of wrapping plastic bags round your feet to go brave a flood (or something).

the saem foot treatment mask 1

the saem mom's nagging foot treatment mask

The masks are covered with a liquid minty essence that will supposedly moisturise, soften and hydrate your feet – and if the diagram is to be believed, make them positively sparkle too! Unlike many of the face sheet masks I’ve tried, these had just the right amount of essence on them (no dripping or huge pools of leftovers) and it was all reassuringly un-messy and straightforward. The mint smell was thankfully not overpowering but light, pleasant and refreshing.

So all that was left was to sit back, relax and let Mom’s Nagging get to work for the next 15 to 20 minutes. Of course, these intriguing new booties caused some interest amongst the kids…

the saem foot treatment mask on

Sadly, the results were not much to write home about. Although my feet were definitely a little softer after the masks, there wasn’t a huge difference – not still full-on mountain goat immediately afterwards, more like well-kept pet llama perhaps?! My feet did feel refreshed (especially thanks to the invigorating minty scent) but in terms of intense moisturising, I think that foot creams or even better, these awesome gel-lined Bliss softening socks, do a far superior and more long-lasting job. Nevertheless, The Saem did have lots of other cute and interesting looking products at similarly reasonable prices, so I definitely haven’t been put off trying the brand altogether.

Overall then, The Saem’s Foot Treatment Mask is not really a necessary repurchase for me. However, for a fun treatment that gives you an excuse to put your feet up for fifteen minutes and elicit weird stares from the rest of your household – absolutely!

the saem mint foot treatment mask

Mom’s Nagging Mint Foot Treatment Mask, The Saem, $28

The Saem, Shop 603, 6/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2808 1850

7 responses to “The Saem Mint Foot Treatment Mask review

  1. I hope your doggy friends don’t get poisoned by inhaling any toxic gas during your process of foot treatment! Curiosity can kill dogs too!

  2. Do you know where I can get the gel-lined Bliss softening socks?

  3. I love that photo with your dogs!!! So cute! Made me smile…

  4. I was going to buy this but it seems like waste of money after reading your review. Thanks for informing 🙂

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