Clinique Lash Power Lengthening Mascara review

You already know from my previous blog that my must-wear make-up is eyeliner. However, I know that for plenty of people, the thing they just can’t leave the house without is mascara… so here’s Clinique’s new Lash Power Lengthening Mascara to tempt you!

I will be honest – I very rarely wear mascara as it… or rather the removal of it… tends to wreak havoc with my sensitive teary eyes (a lifetime spent crying at Disney movies and rom-coms? who knows!). Nevertheless, on the rare occasions that I do, the two brands I trust most with my lashes are Becca and Clinique… so bring on the Lash Power Lengthening Mascara!

Specially designed for Asian lashes to give them that extra oomph, this boasts a unique dual-ended wand and a smooth clump-resistant formula. You use the flat short-bristled side of the brush to deposit the mascara, then the fuller longer-bristled side to comb through the lashes. As a mascara amateur, I found this pretty easy to master, and both the bristles and the fluid formula of the mascara itself make light work of separating and lengthening each lash without any of them sticking or clumping together.

It definitely gave my eyes a more wide-awake look and enhanced my lashes in a natural pretty looking way. It’s not doing anything on the curling front though (nor does it claim to!), so I would still give them a hearty press with my trusty Shu Uemura lash curler if I’m feeling fancy, but the Lash Power Lengthening Mascara would easily be a great no-brainer everyday option.

Before vs After

I also really liked the simple, sleek, chic design of the mascara tube; a departure from Clinique’s previous packaging (duller darker brushed metal or coloured plastic), the shiny silver casing with ruler markings down the side appeals to my inner mathematician (yes, I did A-Level Maths… hollaaaa).

As with all mascaras these days, the Lash Power Lengthening Mascara claims to be resistant to sweat, tears, rain, pool water and humidity, with zero flaking, clumping or smudging. The latter three are definitely true, but I’m afraid sitting in a nice air-conned room won out over me testing out the former for you, sorry. As ever with Clinique, this is great for sensitive skin (fragrance-free and allergy, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested) and I was delighted to find out that, just like my favourite Becca mascara, it can easily be removed with warm water, light pressure and a cotton wool pad.

For those of you whose lives are incomplete without mascara, this is definitely one to consider adding to your arsenal. Meanwhile whilst I’m still unlikely to be plastering on the mascara every day, Clinique’s Lash Power Lengthening Mascara has definitely wormed its way into my make-up bag for those days where I do feel like making that extra bit of effort without much actual… you know… effort.

Clinique Lash Power Lengthening Mascara in Black Onyx, $200; see all Clinique stores and counters in Hong Kong here.

Note: The product in this post was provided to me for review.

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