Louise Hill Design – Hong Kong’s a work of art

louise hill hong kong art 1

Proof that Facebook isn’t all bad: I discovered amazing artist Louise Hill through it!

Thanks to a couple of my friends liking Louise’s work, her Facebook Page popped up on my news feed one day, whereupon I immediately fell in love with her vibrant colourful designs – and now I’m showing them here in the knowledge that you will too!

louise hill hong kong art 2

Many of Louise’s pieces are inspired by her time in Hong Kong and I love the richness of detail that goes into each artwork – I’m forever noticing cool new elements and references in there, all of which transport me to certain memories, places and experiences in HK… which is exactly the idea. The Mister Softee van, the yummy dan tat (egg tarts – my favourite!), the old-school wet market red lamps… something new jumps out at you every time you look.

You can read more about Louise’s specific inspirations behind each piece on her website; there are some really lovely stories and details on there that just add to the beauty of each work even more, as you can really tell they’ve all been crafted from the heart.

louise hill hong kong art 3

Louise’s designs are created using a mixture of her own photography, illustration and patterns, plus vintage imagery and pictures of textiles she’s collected over the years – all of which are layered upon each other to produce these stunningly complex creations. The intricate patterns, layered details and vivid jewel-toned colours remind me of cross between vintage Chinese packaging (think the Two Girls skincare line), Chinoiserie and decoupage – but with a distinctly unique Hong Kong twist.

louise hill hong kong art 4

Louise has since moved to Singapore so I’m expecting to see the Lion City appear in her work soon – but hopefully there are still some Hong Kong memories left to make their way onto a few canvases in the future too!

Where to buy Louise’s designs in Hong Kong:

louise-hill-design.com (duh!)
Mirth, M/F, BT Centre, 23 Wong Chuck Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, 2553 9811
– Mirth, Shop 12, 66 Yi Chun Street, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, 2750 4800
– Kidnapped Book Shop, 7 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, 2791 9110
– Thorn & Burrow, 1/F, 30 High Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, 2559 9338

All photos from Louise Hill’s website

4 responses to “Louise Hill Design – Hong Kong’s a work of art

  1. My kind of art – colourful & cheerful! Love it.

  2. She has some amazing designs thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. wow fantastic!!!

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