Models Own Slate Green nail polish review

models own slate green

I can’t remember what I heard about first: the existence of British nail polish brand Models Own… or the fact that they regularly have amazing 50% off sales on their website!

They recently had another such sale and of course, I immediately began to get itchy buying fingers. But for once, I managed to exercise some cosmetics control and instead decided to shop from my substantial stash instead – resulting in a quick mani using Models Own Slate Green.

The results? I really need to start shopping my stash more often! How on earth did I let this colour go undiscovered in the murky depths of my drawers for so long?

Slate Green is a perfect middle green – a gorgeous clean jade colour with a slight dusty quality, but which isn’t too murky emo either. In fact, it reminded me of those green chalkboards in school… scary thought, will kids these days even know what one of those looks like in order to make the colour reference? Oh well, if you’re one of those pesky post-millennials, go forth and Google!

models own slate green swatch

Despite my extensive stash of Models Own polishes purchased from sales past, this was actually the first time I’d busted out one of their polishes. For me, Slate Green was not a stellar formula, but not terrible either. It has a quite thin consistency, so be careful to avoid pooling, but it because easily opaque and gorgeously glossy in two coats too. As for the brush, it’s about average size and fans out nicely to cover your nail, although I personally find the big round cap a little cumbersome to hold when painting. I also felt this lacquer had a rather more toxic scent than most – more reminiscent of that strong chemical stench from polish days of yore – and it chipped a bit more quickly than I’d have liked too.

Nevertheless, the colour… oh the colour. Slate Green has quickly become one of my favourite colours in my (scarily extensive) nail polish collection. It’s classy but edgy, modern but versatile, fresh but tasteful. In case you haven’t got the message, it’s pretty much my idea of a perfect medium green. If all that’s got you going green with envy, I highly recommend setting a text alert for the next time Models Own tweets about their online 50% off sale – so you can wipe the slate green!

Looks good with: life, the universe, and everything
Drying time: 5 minutes
Coats: 2
Chips: 2-3 days

Models Own Slate Green nail polish, £5,

2 responses to “Models Own Slate Green nail polish review

  1. The color is amazing !
    It’s a shame we don’t have “Buy One, Get One Free” sales in France 😦

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