Christian Louboutin Lova nail polish review

christian louboutin lova

I think it tells you a lot about the type of person I am that when I saw the name of this Christian Louboutin nail polish was Lova, my first thought was “Mmm… pavlova”.

Of course, being a nail polish, Christian Louboutin’s Lova contains zero meringues and is definitely not edible – but it is kind of delicious in its own way. [Disclaimer alert: an entirely visual way and takes no responsibility for anyone that tries to eat their nail polish!]

Lova is a straight-up medium indigo shade; part blue, part purple, all awesome. In the bottle, Lova might be even yummier – a soft wisteria-iris purple that sings of spring. It’s somehow much darker on the nail but nowhere near as dark as the other indigo in my stash, Zoya Pinta, because it somehow still manages to be a bright clean colour-pop too.

christian louboutin lova nail polish

The last time I tried a Christian Louboutin nail polish, I had the good fortune to have one of the experts at The Nail Library painting it on for me. This time I was on my own – and let me tell you, that stiletto-esque brush is rather intimidating in person! However, once I got over the desire to sink it into the backs of my mortal enemies, it was actually pretty easy to use. Basically, I held it like a pencil (which according to my schoolteachers was the wrong way, but after twenty plus years on this earth of legible writing, I can’t claim to be losing much sleep over it); I’d recommend that you hold it as near to the base as possible for the greatest control and then literally paint it onto your nail like you would with any regular paintbrush.

The brush itself is on the short, flat and square side; I initially found this quite difficult to work with, especially for painting the edges of my nails or getting a nice curve near the cuticle. My tip is to press the brush down firmly so that it fans out flat against your nail, making for easier coverage. It also seems to work better to have the brush less “wet” but instead dip it back into the polish regularly… and after all that, who says that manicures aren’t a fine art?

Consistency-wise, Lova was great though. The colour was glossily opaque and gorgeously even in near enough one coat, although I ended up doing two out of habit more than anything else. Brucie bonus: it also dries pretty quickly too.

christian louboutin lova swatch

Based on the quality of Lova, I have high hopes for the rest of Christian Louboutin’s nail lacquers. It’s not a particularly edgy or new shade, but it’s easily the best at what it’s supposed to be – a beautiful, clean, classic colour that looks good on everyone. Now how about a strawberry pavlova to go with that…?

Looks good with: A Deeper Shade of Blue, Purple Rain, Mood Indigo (and any more songs with those shades in the title you can think of)
Drying time: 5 mins
Coats: 1-2
Chips: 2-4 days

Christian Louboutin Lova nail polish, The Pops Collection, $450, see all Christian Louboutin locations in Hong Kong here

Note: this product was received for my consideration

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