FEAST Francfranc afternoon tea – black, white and cute all over

feast francfranc afternoon tea hong kong

What’s black, white and red all over?

No, not the punch line to some dodgy joke, but the new FEAST Francfranc Afternoon Tea!

Thanks to that eye-catching black, white and red colour scheme, there’s something a little Alice In Wonderland-Queen Of Hearts about this afternoon tea set – but it’s definitely too gorgeous to have me screaming “Off with their heads!” at any of FEAST’s unsuspecting waiters. Although now you mention it, that pre-swirled cream and jam for the scones does make the afternoon tea purist in me twitch uncomfortably… but hey, it does look awfully pretty!

feast francfranc afternoon tea hk

Much like FEAST’s previous collaboration with homeware brand Cath Kidston, the Francfranc afternoon tea scores highly on the looks front – polka dot cupcakes, stripy teapots, bird-shaped butter knives… it’s all absolutely Mad Hatter’s Tea Party worthy, except with an extra dose of Francfranc Japanese chic.

feast francfranc afternoon tea hong kong savouries

Also reminiscent of the FEAST Cath Kidston afternoon tea is that the savouries could do with some improvement. You can’t go that wrong with a croque-monsieur – it’s brioche, ham and glorious melted cheese after all – but FEAST could definitely get it even more right if they served it warm. The devilled egg profiteroles (think egg mayonnaise in a mini choux) and smoked salmon on rye are both fine but delivered no surprises; I’m not a huge fan of tuna at the best of times and sadly, the tuna with piquillo peppers skewer merely confirmed my distaste for the stuff!

feast francfranc afternoon tea hong kong sweets

Fortunately for my BFG-sized sweet tooth, the pastries were all much better – and crazy-cute to boot. The strawberry pavlova was a bite-sized delight; hello crunchy airy meringue, dollop of rich cream and juicy fresh strawberry to top it all off! I really liked both cakes – a lemon cupcake with orange blossom cream and a raspberry slice of almond sponge and raspberry cream – as they weren’t too sweet and had nice light textures.

feast francfranc afternoon tea hong kong scones

The red berry fool (berries and Chantilly cream swirled together) was also excellent… whoever turns down a shot glass filled with fluffy-lovely cream is no friend of mine! Alas, FEAST’s scones are too dollhouse-sized for my tastes and they were a little dry and heavy on this visit too.

Nevertheless, what makes the FEAST Francfranc afternoon tea really impressive is its price – at only $238 for two, it’s very reasonable given the number of pretty Instagram photos you’ll get out of it, not to mention the free (very nice) Francfranc coaster and discount voucher you’ll receive too!

francfranc feast afternoon tea hong kong

With cakes that couldn’t get cuter unless you stuck googly kawaii twinkling eyes on them and crockery so covetable you’ll want to pilfer every item, the FEAST Francfranc afternoon tea is well worth a visit. It won’t exactly transform Tai Koo into Wonderland but it’s probably the next best thing!

The FEAST Francfranc Afternoon Tea costs $238 for two people (plus an additional $165 for each extra person) and is available Monday-Friday until 7 August 2015

FEAST, 1/F EAST, 29 Taikoo Shing Road, Tai Koo, Hong Kong, +852 3968 3777


Note: this meal was by invitation

4 responses to “FEAST Francfranc afternoon tea – black, white and cute all over

  1. This looks scrumptious!! Great pics – we’re totally trying this place out 🙂
    xx Amanda & Carmen

    • Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the tea!

      Great blog btw – am now following you on IG (and have already spotted we have a mutual friend in Watson!) 🙂

  2. I love reading your afternoon tea reviews, just because it’s so difficult to narrow all the choices down in HK. Do I go simple or sophisticated? Secluded café or hotel? As someone who adores afternoon tea but can never afford it (is it possible to love the notion of something, then?) it’s great to have something to reference by and choose for the rare occasion to splurge!

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