Chanel Mediterranee nail polish review

chanel mediterranee le vernis

There’s just something about Chanel nail polishes.

However many similarly coloured nail polishes you own… however little room you have for yet more nail polish… however many times you claim to be on a nail polish ban… Chanel nail polishes are just impossible to resist. Every. Single. Time.

Chanel Mediterranee is yet another example of a Chanel polish rendering me utterly helpless in its glossy gaze. As soon as it started appearing on U.S. beauty blogs, I knew I needed it – and once I went in-store, the shop assistant may as well have just opened my wallet and started helping herself!

chanel mediterranee nail polish

Having walked away in a dazed state with a large part of Chanel’s Summer 2015 Mediterranee Collection, Mediterranee is definitely my pick of the bunch. It’s an absolute knockout, a vivid teal-blue that has just a smidge of dustiness but is still strikingly intense. It makes me think of every summer holiday cliché in the book – lazing about on a lounger at the beach in a floppy sun hat, zipping around on a Vespa to the nearest gelato shop, wearing white Capri pants (nowhere near as winningly as Audrey Hepburn though) looking over vistas of clear blue skies and cerulean seas. It’s as if someone bottled all those charming sun-faded vintage travel posters from the 1950s and turned them into a nail polish… a Chanel one, naturellement.

Mediterranee’s formula is just as gorgeous, a perfect example of what makes Chanel nail polishes such winners. It flows on easily and effortlessly, and is beautifully glossy and opaque. I wore it without top coat and one of my friends even commented, “Wow – but it’s still so glossy!” Yup, if you’re paying HK$200 for a nail polish, this is exactly the kind of quality you deserve.

chanel mediterranee

Mediterranee is a total summer stunner. It makes me think I could be Brigitte Bardot frolicking on a beach, Sophia Loren smouldering in the sun, or Audrey Hepburn rocketing around Rome with Gregory Peck in tow. The fact that none of them probably ever wore blue nail polish in public is beside the point; Mediterranee is sun-drenched, sea-soaked summer perfection.

Looks good with: a 1950s-style polka dot swimsuit, floppy white sunhat, cat eye sunglasses and strong red lip
Drying time: 5 minutes
Coats required: 2
Chips: 3-5 days

Chanel Le Vernis Mediterranee, Summer 2015 Mediterranee Collection, $200, see all Chanel Beauté locations in Hong Kong here

6 responses to “Chanel Mediterranee nail polish review

  1. I’ve never been one for nail polish, but your recent reviews have seriously made me reconsider! The colours are simply gorgeous and so clean. Oh, and I very much enjoyed the portrayal of yourself as glamorous but bordering on murderous – are you Natasha Romanoff in disguise, by any chance? Good to know you were able to resist brutally hurting your mortal enemies with that brush!

    • Haha thanks for all the blog love today! 😉

      Personally I see myself more as an Agent Carter type… purely so I can rock awesome red lippie and 50s outfits (and get to romance Chris Evans) of course.

      • I’ve just realised I had commented on the wrong post, how embarrassing! I meant to post the above on your Christian Louboutin Lova nail polish review. Luckily enough I assume you realised my mistake, or else it would’ve made zero sense (why am I being accused of being an assassin by some random commenter on a totally unrelated post?).

        I haven’t watched Captain America (I know, I know, I’ll see myself out) so I can’t vouch for Agent Carter but I agree with your proposition about Chris Evans. Also, no problem! This might sound so strange coming from a nobody (although you might have seen @steph_jpg spamming you with likes on Instagram) but you actually inspired me to start blogging! Your voice and writing style is just so entertaining and never fails to put a smile on my face.

        Just a head’s up: now that I’ve got my blog set up and running, I’ll probably be spending my afternoon bombarding you with comments and likes! 🙂

      • No worries, I knew which you meant! Watch Agent Carter – it’s only 8 episodes and she’s awesome!

        That’s very sweet to know I inspired you to start blogging and that you enjoy my writing style – thanks so much! Yep I follow you on IG and your pics are great… just checked out your blog and it looks like it’s coming along nicely so congrats and keep up the good work!

      • Thank you so much! Do you have any advice for budding bloggers? Did you get your editing/writing career started before university? If you did, did you seek out local internships? I personally am struggling to find opportunities as most companies require applicants to be over 18 (eg. Sassy) or enrolled in university. I’m only 16 so I’m not sure if internships are too huge a step or if I should just focus on honing my writing skills.

      • Without wanting to take over the comments section with a massive rant about internships and career advice, I would personally say that you’re better off honing your writing skills and seeking honest feedback from anyone who will give it to you! My biggest advice is also to read, read, READ; find your favourite writers and types of articles and analyse what it is about them that you love – the structure, the tone, the turns of phrase – and see how they inspire your work.

        I’ve written from an early age so don’t know if I’m the best example! I wrote a lot both in school and for fun, fiction and non-fiction, and had an incredibly inspiring English teacher who really motivated and challenged me. At uni, I started writing for a website called Teentoday (now known as Maximum Pop), where my fantastic editor had amazing belief in me, let me do anything and most importantly, made it really fun! I didn’t do any internships; instead, I worked part-time through sixth-form and university at a library, a job that earned me real money, lifetime friends and plenty of transferrable skills, and wrote in my free time. Both internships and paying jobs have their pros and cons so it’s best for you to evaluate them and find out what works for you.

        Also don’t forget, you’ll have a lifetime to work, so try and balance your goals with enjoying life and your lack of responsibilities for now! You’ll miss those long summer holidays when they’re gone, trust me!

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