Nicole By Opi Diva Into The Pool nail polish review

Believe it or not, I have been wearing nail polishes other than coral this summer. My next pick has instantly become one of my favourite polishes full stop, summer or otherwise – Nicole By OPI’s Diva Into The Pool.

Nothing’s as bad as a pun that doesn’t quite work right?! Even Diva In The Pool would make more sense. But don’t let that put you off. Anyone with a weakness for turquoises – see my responses to Zoya’s Charla and Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos to see which camp I’m in – will definitely want to dive headlong into this colour. It’s a shimmering tropical aqua, as cool and refreshing as dip in the water.

It’s a little green-leaning but has an immaculate crystal-clear finish, with a finely-milled glitter that’s similar to Zoya’s trademark foil effect. I was initially worried at the extremely sheer first coat, but you get a gorgeous wash of colour after just two coats, although you could go for three for extra opacity if you wish. The polish was a nice consistency, extremely easy to work with, and I have to say I prefer Nicole By OPI’s flatter brush to OPI proper’s fat one – I’d say it’s most similar to China Glaze’s brush, though Nicole’s seemed to fan out even more nicely.

As my first Nicole By Opi, I do have to rant about the bottle shape though. Whoever designed this is clearly not a person with a make-up stash! One bottle of polish taking up the space of two – madness! As anyone with nail polish bulging out of their drawers will tell you!

I just love how clear, clean and crystalline Diva Into The Pool looks – as beautiful as the tropical oceans you always see on holiday programmes and heavily-photoshopped brochures. It’s a glowing aqua that got me tons of compliments; you can see how exquisite that fine-shimmer finish is even in close-up.

Sparkling without being a show-off and in such a stunning shade of turquoise too… is it any wonder I was won over by Diva Into The Pool? And after these pictures, I fully expect you to be too!

Looks good with: summer, swimming pools, sunglasses
Drying time: 7 mins
Coats required: 2-3
Chips: 3 days

Nicole by OPI Diva Into The Pool nail polish, $75, selected Sasas

8 responses to “Nicole By Opi Diva Into The Pool nail polish review

  1. Wow! great color! I’m thinking about buying some Nicole by OPI. I’ve never tried them but as you said, they seem really nice!

    • You should definitely give Nicole a go – I’d say they don’t have the biggest range of (unique) colours, but there are a few gems there and they’re often easier to find (and cheaper) than OPI’s regular line!

      Let me know if you pick one up! & thanks for stopping by


  2. Have you tried the agnes b 7 days guarantee non-chip nail polish yet? I wonder if it lives up to its promises…

    • Ooooh… not yet, didn’t even know Agnes B did nail polishes! Have you?

      So far, I think China Glaze & Zoya have been the most consistent for not chipping, but these days, every colour… maybe even every bottle… has different properties!

  3. I’ve bought a bottle but haven’t got around to putting it on yet. I’ve also got their nail art pens, which is basically nail polish in a pen so you can draw patterns and stuff, but again haven’t got around to trying it yet.

  4. Ok I’ve tried the nail polish, it chipped like in the first 5 hours -_-“

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