A doggie bag for all seasons!

Owning two dogs = a whole new bunch of cute things to spend my money on!

Yes, no longer am I restricted to human mo liu, now I can waste my hard-earned cash on puppy mo liu too!

…I jest. In fact, this stuff is not really mo liu at all because dogs are generally overjoyed at anything you bestow on them (socks, string, dirty underwear) so actual treats – be they practical, edible or playful – always go down in a tail-wagging frenzy of licking, jumping and maniacal excitement!

Having not made my usual trip to see the Mid-Autumn lanterns this year, this was the closest I got – a Mid-Autumn lantern (sort of) for my dog! Grrrrr… how cute is this?! It’s shaped like the traditional rabbit lantern and opens up to reveal some special mid-autumn treats for my pup, namely a rabbit-shaped toy, some doggie mooncakes and some other orange stick-shaped treats.

The company that made this, Pomme, seem to specialise in super-cute seasonal dog treats. Earlier in the year, I compensated for my lack of participation in Dragon Boat Festival by buying a similarly delightful Dragon Boat doggie bag from them.

The package was shaped like a zong zi – the traditional dumpling eaten during Dragon Boat Festival, glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves. I don’t imagine many get made with a dog’s face and ears though (thankfully… that would be weird!). Inside were some chicken and rice treats (which my pup Sunny goes absolutely mental for… forget my obsessiveness over bacon, Sunny goes a whole new level of crazy) and a dog toy shaped like the drum that is banged on board the dragon boats to keep them rowing in rhythm.

As you can see, Sunny was very excited to get stuck in.

Anyway, I love the thought that has gone into these adorable little packages and they’re such a fun way to let me pretend that my dogs and I are celebrating these traditional special occasions! I’m already excited about what themed goodies Pomme will have in store for Halloween… Christmas… Chinese New Year…

Available from City’Super

One response to “A doggie bag for all seasons!

  1. Clearly the owner was far more overjoyed than her pets!!!

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