Beauty Spot: Sneak peek… hello my pretties…

Lots of exciting beauty stuff crosses my path far too frequently for my wallet’s liking! Here’s a few of the things that have me excited this month (plus the fact that I have finally learned how to use Instagram ha)…

bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment is an intriguing one – apparently, it’s a sleep mask in powder form! A finely milled tinted powder in a jar with a buffing brush inside the lid, you sweep it on just before bed using their signature ‘Swirl, Tap, Buff’ method of application. It’s meant to reduce the appearance of pores, imperfections and fine lines, rejuvenate skin and give you a more glowing appearance.

I’m really interested in seeing how this one pans out; it’s definitely an unusual twist on your average beauty product and should be quite fun to use! I’m also slightly worried that it’s going to stain my pillow… stay tuned for the full review after a few weeks!

As a genuine Marilyn Monroe fan and not some bandwagon jumper, I was fully expecting the Marilyn Monroe MAC Collection to be a total tack-fest… but when it arrived for me to trial, I instantly fell in love. I WILL NEED ONE OF EVERYTHING.

Beautiful Milton Greene photos? Check. Products in era-appropriate colours that actually stay true to Marilyn’s whole look? Check. Classy rather than tacky packaging. Check, check, check! Collectors (like me) are going to go cray-cray for this.

After initial testing, the lipsticks are the star of the collection, and the pretty blushes are lovely for those of you (like me) with fair complexions. Bizarrely, for someone that has never used a lip liner with any real conviction before, the ones here are truly stellar. Disclaimer: by the time I get my reviews up, the collection will have probably sold out, sorry. So here’s a sneak peek at the nail polish in Kid Orange to tide you over!

Crabtree & Evelyn has upped their game recently with much more modern packaging… and their new Himalayan Blue range may just be THE prettiest packaging they have ever made. I’m going to have real difficulties chucking the boxes away (to be honest, I may not be able to!).

I’m not too keen on some of Crabtree’s heavy floral scents (if you feel the same, try their Pomegranate or Avocado ranges – both smell truly scrumptious), and luckily, the Himalayan Blue range is more musky than sweet. If I ever manage to part with the boxes and properly break open a bottle, that is.

A while ago, I felt that Benefit had got themselves into a bit of a rut but they’ve recently re-found their mojo with some great palettes and new products (their Hello Wow Oxygen Foundation – which is more like a tinted moisturiser – has become a new staple of my make-up bag), and their latest beauty kits are possibly my favourite cosmetics launch of the year (until all the Christmas gift sets get unleashed, of course).

The Complexion and Lip & Cheek Kits come in the most adorable, cute, gorgeous, girlie boxes – the former designed to look like books! I LOVE them. I’m not going to ruin the suspense by telling (or showing!) you what’s inside… full reviews to come…

6 responses to “Beauty Spot: Sneak peek… hello my pretties…

  1. The Bareminerals night treatment is apparently v good for evening out skin tone…and it doesn’t stain pillows. I am intrigued by this product but haven’t bitten the bullet just yet. Looking forward to your review on it!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your review on the Bareminerals as I am a bareminerals fan!

  3. Is “How to Look the Best at Everything” sold in Hong Kong?

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