Shu Uemura Eye-Need-Shu Liner in Midnight Black review – the most purr-fect holiday cosmetics collection

shu uemura shupette collection

Calling it! The cutest holiday cosmetics collection this festive season has to be the Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld collaboration, Shupette; themed around Uncle Karl’s princess pussycat, Choupette, it’s a pun made in make-up heaven!

The second of Lagerfeld’s collaborations with Shu Uemura (you may remember his similarly adorable Mon Shu 2012 Holiday Collection), Shupette amps up the Christmas cute factor with a range of products encased in highly covetable packaging featuring sweet sketches of Karl’s famous fluffy white kitty, bearer of the most famous baby blues this side of Sinatra.

shu uemura eye need shu liner midnight black

However, one of my favourite products from the Shupette 2014 Holiday Collection is actually one of the more understated items – the Eye-Need-Shu Liner in Midnight Black.

Rather than featuring a drawing of the old fluffball herself, this pencil eyeliner instead has teeny-tiny silver paw-prints dancing their way around the black casing – subtle but sooooo cute!

shu uemura eye need shu liner midnight black swatchLeft to right: MAC Petrol Blue Pearlglide Eye Liner, Shu Uemura Midnight Black Eye Liner, Urban Decay Binge 24/7 Eye Pencil, Urban Decay Ink 24/7 Eye Pencil

As for the product itself, I absolutely love it. You should all know by now that I’m a total eyeliner fiend, but as you can see, Midnight Black is unique in my collection. It’s a soft black injected with midnight blue sparkle – making for a colour that’s both very wearable and utterly gorgeous, with just a subtle shot of shimmer that really flatters.

It’s definitely more black than its closest cousins in my collection, MAC’s Petrol Blue and Urban Decay’s Ink, whilst the sparkle is more iridescent and eye-catching (if a tad more uneven) than any of them too.

shu uemura shupette midnight black eye liner

What’s more, this kitty definitely has nine lives and then some; in terms of product longevity, this just lasts and lasts – coming up to 12 hours in almost pristine condition on my eyes, with a miaow-worthy hint of sexy smudge to it too. The pencil itself has a reasonably soft and creamy texture that glides on easily enough, although the blue sparkle can be a little patchy.

The Eye-Need-Shu Midnight Black Eye Liner might not be the most attention-grabbing product in the Shupette Collection, but it’s exactly the kind of great quality, easily wearable but entrancing eyeliner that’s pure catnip to me. In fact, I reckon it’s the total cat’s whiskers! [Ed: Please take away Rachel’s cat pun book now please.]

Shu Uemura Eye-Need-Shu Liner in Midnight Black, Holiday 2014 Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Shupette Collection, $190; see all Shu Uemura locations in Hong Kong here

Note: this product was received for my consideration

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  1. I LOVE the paw prints on the eyeliner too! 😊🐈

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