Once upon a time…

For a girl raised on a diet of Disney movies and who’s still hoping she’ll wake up to discover she *is* Giselle from Enchanted, the Maison Moshino in Milan looks like the perfect holiday destination.

Spotted in the Sunday Times’ continually-brilliant Style magazine, this is the sort of hotel that fairy tales are made of. Literally. It’s based on fairy tales. *Swoon*

Having enjoyed a wonderful stay at the similarly-whimsical W Hotel in HK (which I will one day blog fully about, I promise), this is the kind of modern-day luxury that’s right up my street… or should that be yellow brick road. The airy beauty of the place is evident in these photos – fall asleep in an enchanted forest (based on Narnia, natch), take tea on an oversized teacup table straight out of Wonderland, throw yourself onto a romantic ballgown-shaped bed. There’s also a floaty lobby that looks like something out a dream, with its flower-petal seats and cloud-like soft lighting, a string of cute silver keys hanging above the lifts that look like they would unlock something magical and a scrumptious chandelier that would have Hansel and Gretel chomping at the bit.

The press statement on the theme of the hotel is beautiful, even if it boils down to essentially meaningless fluff: ‘The common thread connecting each of the rooms is the fairy tale theme; because to sleep is perchance to dream, and dreams are fairy tales that we are allowed to experience first hand, fables of a fantasy world we have created’. Apparently each of the rooms in this 18th century already-castle like hotel are different (Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty have been mentioned), meaning I would clearly have to stay in a different one every night until I’d experienced them all. My boyfriend might have to grow deeper pockets.

Possibly my favourite, although not nearly as fantastical as some of the others, is what I’m calling the Luxury Shoebox room. My auntie, in her desperation to impose order on the mess in my room, has taken to storing anything I can’t nail down in a series of boxes – in a dream world, my room would look more like this one… if only I wasn’t drawn to picking boxes with lovable Disney alien Stitch on.

The only problem… I might never want to leave my room and actually explore Italy. Problem I can live with, I’m sure.

Photos from Hotel Philosophy and Times Online.

One response to “Once upon a time…

  1. I really want to stay here LOL.. it looks just amazing… imagine waking up here.. you would think you had been transported into a disney movie especially if “Mrs Potts” came in in the morning to greet you with a cup of tea (ofcourse served in “chip”.)!

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