Introducing… Beauty Spot

Regular readers may be aware of my Make-Up Miracles series; the Holy Grail of beauty products, these are my desert island essentials, the ones I couldn’t live without or would sell members of my family for in order to stop them being discontinued (insert appropriately needy cliché here). However, being a girl, the quest for new products never ends and my make-up bags are busting at the seams with plenty of cosmetics that, whilst I wouldn’t sell an unloved cousin to keep them in production, I do like using. And there are plenty more that are just crap. So in order to review these, welcome to a new series: Beauty Spot.

This is intended to be a clever pun on beauty spot (as in Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford sexy facial mole) and spotting (as in seeing, finding) something beauty-related. Basically, I’ve been writing far too long and feel the need to try and do something off my trusty rhetorical techniques list with every other utterance.

Stay tuned…

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