Dessert of the day: let’s twist again… the Churros Twist, that is!

churros twist hong kong

UPDATE: Churros Twist is now closed.

Time for another trip down dessert lane – and this time it’s by way of Spain and Australia (errr… the scenic route?) with Churros Twist.

Churros Twist is a small takeaway dessert shop in Wan Chai that offers freshly-cooked Spanish churros paired with Australian frozen yoghurt or vanilla soft-serve ice-cream, which is then sprinkled and drizzled with toppings and sauces of your choice. Since churros are not only desserts but deep-fried desserts, you can see why a trip here was nothing short of a necessity.

churros twist hong kong interior

I rounded up my sister in all things sweet, Sabrina, for a churros date but alas, she got stuck in traffic en route… and let me tell you, waiting 30 minutes in a churros shop without getting to gobble everything in sight is nothing short of torture. So after about 35 minutes and with Sabrina’s blessing, I finally caved and opted for some churros with fro-yo and chocolate sauce.

churros twist hong kong fro-yo

The churros themselves were quite good but nothing spectacular; I’d have liked a touch more cinnamon rather than sugar dusted on top, and I felt they were too crispy all the way through instead of boasting the ideal chewy centre.

churros twist hong kong churros

Meanwhile, Churros Twist’s frozen yoghurt was nearly the exact opposite of my favourite fro-yo in town (Crumbs), being quite tangy and icy rather than vanilla soft and creamy. Nevertheless, it did contrast well with the deep-fried wickedness of the churros – hot and cold, light and heavy, the fact that one of the Olsen twins is dating Nicholas Sarkozy’s brother… all proof that opposites attract in delicious ways (wait, may need to rethink that last comparison). As for the chocolate sauce topping, it was cheap stuff from the bottle… but I still wanted more of it!

churros twist hong kong soft serve ice cream

Once Sabrina arrived, she decided on for churros with vanilla soft-serve ice-cream, Oreo cookies and chocolate sauce. (You can totally see why we’re friends, right? Not a piece of fresh fruit in sight!) The soft-serve definitely delivered more on the creamy front than the fro-yo… and hey, what dessert was not improved by adding crushed-up Oreos on top, I ask you? Dessert envy, ahoy!

Price-wise, the three churros cup costs $38, five churros $43 and extra toppings (including mochi, marshmallows, fruits like strawberries, blueberries and lychees and indeed, Oreos) are $6 a pop – so not exactly the steal of the century, but not a price I resented paying either. You can also buy boxes of five or eight churros with a chocolate dip for $38 or $46 respectively… or you can completely miss the point of the shop and just order fro-yo or soft-serve with toppings instead (WHY? And yet, a couple did this while I was there, cry).

churros twist hong kong chocolate

Given the size of the shop – which is much more spacious than a pure hole-in-the-wall – and the narrow pavements and bustling streets of Wan Chai Road itself, I think Churros Twist would do well to be a bit cleverer with their space by adding a couple of counters to perch at, making the experience much more pleasant. Plus, surely seeing people snarfling down desserts at the window would be a more effective way to draw in trade than looking into a near empty shop populated by bored shop assistants? I know, I know… just call me Mary Portas already.

As such, Churros Twist is a pleasing diversion but not somewhere I’d go out-of-my-way for. However, if you’ve craving dessert in that weird in-between area of Causeway Bay and Wan Chai, it should hit your sweet spot nicely.

Churros Twist, 177-179 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2893 1810

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  1. Pass it over! YUMMY!!! 😄😄😄

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