Dessert of the day – there be magic in them Crumbs

UPDATE: #FML, all Crumbs locations have now closed.

My fondness for desserts has been well documented so here’s a quick post for one of my favourites: Crumbs Fro Yo!

I was introduced to the delightful Crumbs by my lovely friend Jane… and it’s probably one of my defining moments in Hong Kong! With the fro-yo craze exploding in HK over the last few years, you can barely move for people dripping their icy treats all over you on street pavements – but how do you separate the wheat from the chaff (or whatever the yoghurt equivalent of that saying would be… something to do with curds and whey? I digress…).

Well, Crumbs isn’t just good, it’s great. Whoever thought that a little stand selling fro yos would be quietly making the best fresh brownies in Hong Kong?

Ever since I had my first Crumbs, despite the huge variety of no doubt delicious toppings they offer, I have been unable to deviate from my tried and true topping combo – because it is SO damn good! Crumbs with their signature house crumbs and brownies. On the days when they offer you a free topping… errrr… more brownies please! It’s flipping freezing fabulousness.

House crumbs… no idea what is in those golden crispy sprinkles… magic maybe? It’s cinnamon-y, it’s toast-y, it’s a little bit digestive-y, but who cares when it’s the perfect crunchy complement to those soft creamy waves of white fro-yo clouds.

The double chocolate brownies – not too sweet, not too ‘not sweet’, a just right amount of give and goo, and super-chocolate-y too. (Rach tip: they sell these in bags on their own. I am yet to take them up on the offer fearing the brownie mania it might ignite inside me.) Crumbs also make some very yummy fresh scones, should a more English mood strike you at counter.

I carry their business card with their locations on it at all times, just in case I need to locate a Crumbs in my vicinity STAT. Sadly, my nearest branch in Quarry Bay is not open at weekends (as we found out having made the trek there one weekend!); I have been known to plan my days around trying to sneak a Crumbs in (shhhh… don’t tell my boyfriend). The Crumbs connoisseur in me can also tell you that Quarry Bay does delivery to nearby offices (thank God I don’t work there… fro yo for lunch, anyone?!), the Jordan branch has a few seats inside, the Kowloon Bay branch is in a mall with loads of great places to perch and eat your fro-yo outside (as opposed to Causeway, where I stand in a dinghy back alley near a man cutting someone’s hair into the street… slight mood-killer) and that the Mong Kok branch is absolutely nowhere near the MTR station.

And now I’m craving a Crumbs fro-yo…

Crumbs locations in Hong Kong (someone give me a Foursquare badge already!):

– Unit 3, 2/F, United Success Commercial Centre, 508 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2793 9393

12 responses to “Dessert of the day – there be magic in them Crumbs

  1. Ian said ‘you better watch your waistline!’

  2. Mmm I’ve had better 😛

  3. i’m so honored to have introduced this to you, rachel 😛

  4. Oh wow, I’m about a 6 minute walk from the Quarry Bay branch. I foresee a whole lot of fro yo in my future!

    • Don’t make the same mistake I made – it’s closed on weekends!

      • Luckily I spotted that detail in time. I’d actually called Husband in to drool at the yummy, brownie-covered goodness with me, and we both gave a sad, little “Aww” when we read that part. But come Monday, we are there!

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  6. chocolatecouture1226

    OMG! I love Crumbs too! I was going to add a post on it! My favorite combination is blueberry, granola and house crumbs! The brownies are really amazing too! They are super chewy!
    Have you tried other frozen yogurt stores in Hong Kong? Yo Mama and Smile is pretty good too. But I still think Crumbs is the best! High Five! =)
    Come check out my blog and leave a comment if you have time, I also like make up, food, fashion..etc. I wrote a post on a high-end restaurant called Aqua in Tsim Tsa Tsui, you might be interested. =)

    • Thanks for commenting – Crumbs is the best! I always want to try other combos… but brownies are SO good, I just can’t bring myself not to have them! I prefer Crumbs’ creamy taste of the froyo… wanna try Smile soon though!

      Good luck with the blog!

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