You can’t have your bread buttered both sides…

…Except you can at Style2 Restaurant. And it’s garlic butter. And it’s as amazing as that sounds.

Honestly, this may be the best garlic bread I’ve ever tasted. I’m not entirely sure how it’s made – toasted, fried, made by the garlic bread fairies – but it’s delicious and possibly a meal in itself. What I do I know is that I somehow winded up with four on my last visit.

It’s double the thickness of normal toast, meaning it’s golden crispy on the outside yet still soft and fluffy on the inside. And it’s double the deliciousness of normal garlic bread because it has garlic butter on both sides. Yes, you heard right. Why has no-one thought of this genius before?!

It comes free with some set meals, with others you add $6 for a slice or you can order it as a side of 2 slices for $18. But at the moment, for the whole of April, they’re giving it away FREE. I’ve obviously been trying to rack as many visits up as I can (the rest of Style2’s food is good, the atmosphere is nice, the staff are really helpful even though there’s no 10% service charge… and the menu is a Chinglish-spotter’s delight). What’s more, they’re open until 3.30am, meaning I could presumably get my garlic bread fix whenever the urge takes me. And believe me, it’s been taking me rather frequently these days!

UPDATE: Style2 is now closed.

Style2 Restaurant, Shop E F, G/F Tung Po Building, 483-497 King’s Road, North Point, 2811 1515

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