Great Forgotten Pop Songs Of Our Time: An Introduction

I don’t really know if things can ever make a grand entrance on blogs but… TA-DA! New feature alert! Maybe an asterisk or two will make it look better so welcome to:


It basically does what it says on the tin, so over time you can expect all the best flops, unloved album tracks, long-forgotten B-Sides and one-hit wonders to be gracing these pages. There will be a fair smattering of starlets apparently “big in Japan” (or, as is more likely with my music taste, Sweden), of records that weren’t as massive as they should have been or of ones that kinda were but were hastily filed away in the dusty drawers of the top 40 before anyone noticed. The Crazy In Loves, Toxics, Thrillers and Like A Prayers of the world have had enough words written about them (and deservedly so), but it’s time for their lesser-lauded cousins to have their moment in the sun. Admittedly a very small moment and a very dim sun, but hey I’m trying.

2 responses to “Great Forgotten Pop Songs Of Our Time: An Introduction

  1. Hi Rach, It’s Anthony from Luckystar. I just wanted to say how much i enjoyed reading your blog. And wanted to also say thankyou for your kind words on my blog and your support is much appreciated. Your blog really is something great and i loved reading many of the articles.. especially about the fairytale hotel!. Keep it touch.

  2. Hi Anthony!

    Thx so much for stopping by and leaving a comment – it means a lot! As you can see, my blog is A LOT younger than LuckyStar! I still remember my first post, thanking you for Alcazar!

    I hope you carry on checking out my blog on occasion and am glad you enjoyed it so far!
    Keep in touch xxx

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