Zoya FeiFei nail polish review

zoya feifei

Zoya FeiFei is absolutely one of my favourite polishes of last year.  It’s blue, it’s silver, it’s black, it’s gold… ugh, screw it, it’s just awesome!

FeiFei is such an amazingly multi-faceted colour – like a sexy sparkling chameleon. It’s even good enough to make me overlook the fact that its name sounds like Canto for fat; in fact, “Fei Fei” literally was the nickname given to a chubby Hong Kong TV personality of yore, Lydia Shum… and I’m pretty sure my auntie has been know to call me it a few times too!

zoya feifei swatch

But back onto Zoya’s FeiFei, which is definitely more phat than fat anyway. Sometimes, I’m sure it’s a steely metallic blue. Other times, I’m certain it must be a sparkly graphite colour. When I took a picture on Twitter, everyone reckoned it was silver. One time, I even caught it pretending to be a shimmering seaweed green. It’s like the nail polish equivalent of Jon Culshaw, the prettiest example of Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome.

zoya feifei 1

Regular readers will notice this is another interpretation of my favourite kind of metallic/shimmer/foil finish – and yet another chance for me to name check Chanel Graphite, Butter London Wallis and OPI Warm & Fozzie. But unlike all of those, FeiFei has a definite hit of genuine glitter, meaning it really does sparkle up your peepers. The glitter flecks in it dazzle with different insanely stunning nuances of gold, blue, navy and mermaid green. Meanwhile, the base swerves somewhere between a metallic midnight blue, silver or even charcoal. It’s a whole cosmos full of awesome.

zoya fei fei

The formula was spot on too. It’s been a while since I was this in love with a Zoya polish, but FeiFei reminded me why I initially fell for the brand – easy flowing application, a just right consistency and a smooth even finish.

FeiFei is what happens when nail polish companies just get. It. Right. It’s stunning, sophisticated, unusual and hella good. What’s more, it’s not one of those batshit crazy colours that us bloggers go wild for but that doesn’t actually work for real life – it’s dark enough to be super versatile and actually goes well with most things. It’s total full-fat deliciousness.

zoya feifei nail polish

FeiFei – craycray… but in the best possible way!

Looks good with: anything and everything
Drying time: 3-5 mins
Coats required: 2-3
Chips: 3-5 days

Zoya FeiFei, Fall 2012 Diva Collection, $80, Cher2

3 responses to “Zoya FeiFei nail polish review

  1. it goes wiv u pretty good.

  2. I’ve been trying so hard to convince myself I don’t need this one, but it doesn’t seem to be working. The name kinda bugged me for the same reason, but this dense little beauty is just so bananas! I’m afraid I just may need it after all. 😉

    • Hehe Elizabeth – I’m amazed you haven’t picked up this little beauty already! I think a few brands came out with dupe-y esque ones, but who could resist the chance to be FeiFei… but in a good way! x

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