OPI Warm & Fozzie nail polish review

opi warm and fozzie

Sometimes you just see a nail polish and know it’s going to be a classic. Such was the case with OPI’s Warm & Fozzie.

Part of OPI’s 2011 Muppets Holiday Collection, Warm & Fozzie was part of the first wave of mainstream interesting foil-metallic-shimmer-duochrome-awesomesauce finishes, that in my world at least was kick-started with Chanel’s Graphite (possibly my most referenced nail polish ever – I just can’t get enough of it!). Since then, we’ve seen loads of polishes with a similar finish in the same metallic colour family (including Butter London’s Wallis and Estee Lauder’s Nouveau Riche) but I still hold a soft spot for one of the originals!

Warm & Fozzie is enough to give anyone a definite dose of the warm and fuzzies. It’s a cockle-warming cinnamon copper with a shimmering flash of rosy pink and rusty red. Alas, the duochrome doesn’t totally translate from the bottle to the nail (the wink of green, for instance, is nowhere to be seen) but it’s still a seriously scrummy polish. I love love LOVE how gorgeously glow-y it is – making me think of shiny copper pots, burning winter fires, enchanted autumn leaves and not really of Fozzie Bear at all (my least favourite Muppet, FYI – wocka wocka on that folks!).

opi warm and fozzie swatch

The formula was a little strange – prone to bald patches with the first coat, which got ironed out with the second – but it all dried to that stunning smooth foil-shimmer finish that we all now know and love. Almost every swatch I have seen of Warm & Fozzie makes it look super dark, but this brighter burnished bronze is how it ended up on me… and I like it that way!

Autumnal but in the sexiest way possible, it looks positively delish set against black but is also born to be played against other metallics if you’re clever at mix and matching stuff like that. Brown, bronze, bling AND with a tenuous Muppets collection – what’s not to love?!

Looks good with: festive metallics, warm colours, black
Drying time: 3-5 minutes
Coats: 2
Chips: 3 days

OPI Warm & Fozzie, Winter 2011 Muppets Collection, $70, Cher2

3 responses to “OPI Warm & Fozzie nail polish review

  1. Fozzie is like my least favorite Muppet. But this color is awesome 🙂

  2. Looks like nails I would wear to a fancy party….very nice. I def don’t conjure the image of Fozzie when I look at this colour lol!

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