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Beauty Spot: Hunger Games mani and tutorial

Those of you who know me personally will know of a feverish obsession that has overtaken me the past month: THE HUNGER GAMES!!!

I read the books over a weekend and was unable to eat, sleep or shower until I had devoured every last page. I may have started crying and shaking when I got involved in a discussion about it. I even became gripped by a strange sort of Tourettes, whereby I would just randomly start shouting ‘HUNGER GAMES!’ to anyone on Twitter, Whatsapp and just passers-by on the street. Move over K.Mid, I’m all about J.Law now – KATNISS 4EVA!!!

Anyway, I managed to salvage something pretty out of the depths of my madness! In the books, Katniss is ‘The Girl On Fire’ and gets an appropriately fiery manicure to rock alongside a dress that bursts into flame. Inspired by this (and one of my fave beauty bloggers Eugenia from Ommorphia Beauty Bar), I decided to make one of my very first attempts at nail art in the name of THE HUNGER GAMES with my special Hunger Games manicure.

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