Christian Louboutin Jazz Doll nail polish review


Autumn is coming! OK, that doesn’t sound quite as epic as Game Of Thrones had led me to believe it would, but the sentiment is still the same… which means it’s probably about time I brought you my review of the final polish from Christian Louboutin’s Red Nail Extensions CollectionJazz Doll.

Jazz Doll is actually the most unique of the scarlet trio (which totally sounds like it should be the name of a jazz band… or potentially a criminal gang from the 1940s), a cool-leaning cherry red with an underlying seam of pink shimmer. This is definite Snow White enchanted apple territory – except if Snow White met her fate via a bunch of poisoned cherries, or perhaps some enticingly shiny boiled sweets. Yes, all my references are edible!

Jazz Doll also had the best formula out of the three; whereas both Lady Peep and Edgypopi felt a little on the thin side to me, this was pretty much just right. However, I also found it was the most prone to air bubbles – I tried it twice for good measure and had the same issue each time, which was a little disappointing. I *think* this might be because the formula was so smooth, it flooded a bit too liberally off my brush leading to thicker coats, so learn from my mistakes, people!


Since this was my last pick from the Red Nail Extensions Collection, I can now judge all three alongside each other – and I have a feeling that Jazz Doll may well be the most universally flattering polish of the lot, even if it wasn’t my personal favourite (which is probably still Edgypopi if anyone’s counting). Although the shimmer sets it apart nicely from the OPI tribe of identical reds, it is a very people-pleasing kind of colour; a true, safe, cheerful red from crayon boxes, fairy tales and fire engines.

Jazz Doll sits square in the centre between the extreme colour pop of Edgypopi and the extreme vampy sophistication of Lady Peep; for me, this highlights the true beauty of the collection – that there really is a red out there for everyone… in fact, there may even be three! And that, my friends, is the kind of lacquer logic that has resulted in me having over 200 nail polishes in my collection. Oops.

Looks good with: pretty much anything – it’s a classic for a reason!
Drying time: 5-7 minutes
Coats: 2
Chips: 5+ days

Christian Louboutin Lady Peep nail polish, Summer 2016 Red Nail Extensions Collection, $450; see all Christian Louboutin locations in Hong Kong here

Note: this product was received for my consideration

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