Nails Inc Sweets Way nail polish review

nails inc sweets way

Sugar and spice and all things nice… that’s what Nails Inc Sweets Way is made of!

Sweets Way is part of Nails Inc’s awesome Sprinkles Collection of nail polishes. As soon as I saw these swoon-worthy sweeties online, I knew I had to have them – and since Nails Inc isn’t sold in Hong Kong, the lovely Jenn sent them to me! And I am so SO happy she did, because I am even more in love with them in real life!

nails inc sweets way swatch 1

nails inc sweets way swatch close-up

All the polishes in the Sprinkles Collection are made up of pretty multi-coloured pastel glitters that are supposed to look like cupcake toppings – and Sweets Way may just be the best of them all! It’s like hundreds and thousands but in nail polish and I can easily imagine these colours in fairy cake form… totally irresistibly adorable.

Sweets Way has a very milky pale pink base with blue, pink and silvery-white glitter pieces inside. Many glitter nail polishes are straight up glitterbombs but what I love about Sweets Way (and in fact, most of the Sprinkles Collection) is that the glitter has been slightly mattified, meaning you don’t get blinding bling but instead, a cute hundreds-and-thousands style sprinkle effect. It’s GORGEOUS. [You’ll have to excuse the amount of near identical pictures… I was basically obsessed with it!]

nails inc sweets way swatch

nails inc sweets way swatch macro

Similarly, real thought has gone into picking the selection of colours – the perfect blend of pretty pastels, like something out of a fairy-tale sweet shop. The milky base tones down the glitter beautifully, leaving you with an astonishingly wearable but amazingly complex pastel, rather than the poppers o’ clock discoballs that glitter nail polish usually translates to. Nails Inc’s inspiration might have been cupcakes, but anything adorable fits the bill – one look at Sweets Way conjures up candy-coated images of sugared almonds, old-fashioned Easter eggs, floral crockery with lace doilies, and Alice In Wonderland afternoon teas.

Given the amount of glitter in here, I was expecting Sweets Way to be a bit of a nightmare. But clearly, its sunny disposition managed to rub off onto the fantastic formula too; it flowed from the brush to the nail easily, with an even spread of glitter that didn’t pool into unexpected clumps or require me to carefully ‘place’ it. It built to opacity in two fuss-free coats, dried quickly and layered nicely, without feeling gritty, thick, gloopy or gluey. This was my first time using a Nails Inc polish (the brush is on the short side but of medium thickness and easy to control), and I was mightily impressed.

nails inc sweets way 3

Sweets Way is easily one of my favourite nail polishes ever. It’s pastel perfection – unusual but highly wearable, wow-worthy without being OTT. I don’t think it could get any cuter unless the nail polish bottle actually curtsied. Cupcakes all round!

Looks good with: fairy cakes with rainbow icing, Cath Kidston crockery with lace doilies, pick n’ mix sweeties
Drying time: 2 minutes
Coats required: 2-3
Chips: 3 days

Nails Inc Sweets Way nail polish, Sprinkles Collection

2 responses to “Nails Inc Sweets Way nail polish review

  1. What a fun looking nail poilish! Love! And it sounds like a dream to apply.

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