Deborah Lippmann Just Dance nail polish review

Cometh summer, cometh turquoise. I’m actually obsessed with turquoise all of the time anyway (see here for proof), yet as soon as the sun starts shining, my world turns totally aqua – so Deborah Lippmann’s Just Dance, part of her Holiday 2011 Dance Music mini trio set, seemed perfect for my turquoise turn!

A mixture of small round teal glitter and larger cyan blue glitter in a very sheer blue jelly base (I think there will be quite a lot of searching for synonyms for the word turquoise in this post!), for me, this is one of the less special Lippmann polishes. There’s no doubting the sheer dazzling intensity of this much teal set at sparkles o’ clock, but the fact that there isn’t much difference in colour between the glitters makes it less interesting than your typical Lippmann glitter (which often contract the base shade with the glitters, or use a mix of different glitter colours).

I found Just Dance quite glue-y and not great to work with… and of course, it’s hell to clean off (do I need to even point that out in glitter polish reviews any more?!).

The end result is a solid multi-faceted wall of teal glitter that sparkles, spangles and shimmers from every angle – like an old-school Hollywood sequin sheath dress, just on the nail. It’s a bright bedazzling blingy mermaid’s tail but, in the main scheme of Lippmann polishes, falls that little bit short for me. But it’s turquoise, and for that reason, I still find it kind of irresistible!

Looks good with: party dresses, cocktail dresses, summer dresses… all dresses really!
Drying time: <1 min
Coats required: 3
Chips: 2-3 days

Deborah Lippmann, Just Dance, Holiday 2011 Dance Music Mini Trio, Joyce Beauty

One response to “Deborah Lippmann Just Dance nail polish review

  1. I love this colour, it really pops!

    tsui chung

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