OPI Did It On ‘Em nail polish review

With summer well and truly ready to kick in over here, my body starts to crave brights – and my nails are no exception! So next up from the Nicki Minaj Collection is OPI’s Did It On ‘Em.

A lot of people commented on the similarity between Minaj’s collection and the Shrek one OPI put out a few years back – and Did It On ‘Em is basically the lovechild of Who The Shrek Are You (the Shrek green) and Fiercely Fiona (yellow). Basically, it’s a bright amped-up chartreuse… and my, how long I have been dying to use the world chartreuse!

If it was a cocktail, Did It On ‘Em would be equal parts lemon and lime. It’s pretty much the exact balance between the two, though it will lean almost totally lime under artificial yellow light or in the shade. Zingingly bright but creamy too, it kind of reminds me of 80s graffiti prints and I daresay it would look quite cool with an overall 80s throwback look; it also looks awesome clashed against other bright colours (very summer!) to shake things up. Probably the very definition of ‘ugly-pretty’ (oh God, I really do watch too much Next Top Model), it’s a colour that the more demure amongst you would deem “interesting”!

However, Did It On ‘Em was hell to apply. I don’t know if it’s because of the yellow in there (yellows in the polish world are renowned problem children) but it was streaky, chalky and uneven on. It requires at least three coats to get some semblance of opacity and even coverage; OPI’s usual magical self-levelling properties were much needed here! Yet eventually, I got the glossy vibrant chartreuse colour you see here… you can do it guys! Just errr… don’t look too close!

For me, Did It On ‘Em is the most Nicki Minaj colour of the entire collection – namely, you’ll love it or hate it. At the moment, I’m erring on the side of hate towards Minaj (I think turning up with a pretend Pope dressed as Red Riding Hood at an awards ceremony and thinking you’re cool or provocative for doing it has to be a new red carpet low) yet I think I ended up loving Did It On ‘Em. Purely because I got to use the word ‘chartreuse’ in a review, of course.

Looks good with: colour-clashing, 80s neons, touch of swagger
Drying time: 5 mins
Coats required: 3
Chips: +5 days

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OPI Did It ‘On Em nail polish, Nicki Minaj Spring 2012 Collection, $70, Cher2

4 responses to “OPI Did It On ‘Em nail polish review

  1. I love this colour but I hate it at the same time! I think it’ll be one to wear when you want your nails to stand out 🙂

  2. Hi! Where do you get your OPI from? I have only seen it in a couple of nail salons here but it is much more expensive than what you seem to get it for 🙂 x

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