OPI Pink Friday nail polish review

Over my many nail polish reviews, you may have noticed a slight disparaging tone whenever pink is mentioned. Suffice to say, “traditional” nail polish colours just do not do it for me… save them for my wedding day I say (though I’m still not guaranteeing I won’t waltz down the aisle sporting some blingy-holo-flakie goodness!). However, I recently picked up OPI Pink Friday as part of their Nicki Minaj Collection set of minis, and in the interests of fairness and not wasting my money, I’m willing to try any shade once!

I actually received quite a few compliments on Pink Friday and I have to admit, if you like pinks, this is a really cute fresh take on the colour. Debates raged about what exact shade of pink to call it… it’s not fluorescent enough to be bubblegum, definitely not peach-toned enough for salmon, not bright enough for flamingo, nowhere near milky enough to be a pastel and I swiftly discovered that everyone has a different idea of what Barbie pink is! Nevertheless, it’s pretty close to MY idea of Barbie pink, so that’s what I’m going to call it!

Formula-wise, it wasn’t one of OPI’s greatest hits, unlike Fly from the same collection, which was top of the pops (liking the music references?!). It seemed a little chalky and streaky and was initially difficult to get a smooth even finish with. But after two to three careful coats, like many OPI polishes, it proved to be a great self-leveller and settled down to the smooth glossy milky creamiscle colour you see here.

Judging by the compliments, perhaps I should wear pinks more often… but Pink Friday wasn’t enough of a Eureka moment to change my mind. That being said, it’s not too sickly, is totally wearable and is actually quite pretty, which is more than I’d hoped for. I definitely wouldn’t team it with flounces, lace  or cutesy pastels, as I’m pretty sure that would tip it firmly into Lolita-Little Bo Peep territory!

My final verdict on Pink Friday? More an album track than single material; a cute Skipper rather than a beautiful Barbie. But totally bonza if you love your pinks.

Looks good with: Ken, fluffy poodle, Barbie roadster
Drying time: 5-7 mins
Coats required: 2-3
Chips: 5-7 days

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OPI Pink Friday, Spring 2012 Nicki Minaj Collection, $70, Cher2

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