Make-Up Miracles: Vaseline Lip Therapy review

Oh humble Vaseline, how we love you.  Faddy lip balms may come and go, yet for once, your Mum really was right about the best way to protect your lips from Blighty’s evil winters.

Quite frankly, I’m sick of lip balms that leave your lips worse-off than before you put the stuff on in the first place.  And all those yummy scented ones just result in you wanting to lick them all off (and in one case, a bumble bee attacked my lips).

Vaseline is quite simply the granddaddy of all cosmetic products.  Put it on to prevent lipstick drying out your lips and to give them a shine almost as great as one of Lancome’s far more expensive Juicy Tubes.  Use it on practically any patch of dry skin and it’ll be magically healed in no time – especially when you’ve got a really nasty cold and your nose is practically falling apart because you’ve been blowing it so much (pleasant imagery, I know…). Smudge onto your eyelashes for a subtle shine when you can’t be bothered with mascara. Any other more salubrious uses we remain totally innocent to, of course.

And what’s more it’s a handy pocket size and comes in what advertisers would now call gloriously retro packaging.  And it’s only 96 pence.  So now there’s absolutely no excuses for your lips to be anything less than lush.

Originally posted at Teentoday.

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