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HK gets nutritional: 1 + 7 = catsuit?

After being terrorised by hands coming out from eye sockets, here’s the latest MTR advert to amuse and bemuse.

It’s to mark the advent of the new food labelling system in HK, which detail nutritional information in categories (much like the ones that have been in the UK for a while).

The snazzy slogan to promote this new law is ‘1+7’. Why not just say 8? Is this HK’s reputation for arithmetic aptitude taking it one step too far?

And why have they decided that the obvious way to help us remember this is to dress seven unsuspecting children and one helpless adult in white body-suits? Are we meant to pick our favourite smiling munchkin and thus remember that she represents sodium? No doubt they’ll soon start producing collectible toys of the whole set a la the perennially popular Happy Meals and sold-out sets at 7-11 and Circle K.

Why are the ‘saturated fat’ and ‘trans fat’ ones looking so happy – has no-one told them that they’re the baddies and should thus be represented with devil horns and forked tail? Couldn’t we at least have some Saturdays-style colour-coding scheme or some seven dwarf-style catchy nicknames to make the whole thing more memorable?

HK government marketing division – you can thank me later.

Edit: Have just figured out what they remind me of – the sperm from Woody Allen’s Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask. I’m fairly sure the HK Government would die if they realised this.

Advert from http://www.nutritionlabel.gov.hk