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The Butchers Club Deli restaurant review – the steaks have been raised

butchers club deli hong kong menu

*UPDATE: Sadly The Butchers Club Deli is now only open for private events*

As someone once known as “The Red Beef Girl”, you can imagine that any establishment called The Butchers Club and I are likely to get on very well indeed.

The Butchers Club Deli in Wong Chuk Hang is the latest offspring of the burgeoning Butchers Club empire that’s rapidly spreading throughout Hong Kong. With a private dining room and sausage-making workshop in Aberdeen, a burger joint in Wan Chai, a series of successful steak-themed foodie events around town, and regular market stalls and an online store selling their high-quality steaks and sausages, it’s a case of the more meat the better!

butchers club deli hong kong

The Butchers Club Deli is the casual lunch spot cousin of this meat-feast family, and is hidden away on the 16th floor of a vaguely sketchy-looking industrial building in the increasingly happening neighbourhood of Wong Chuk Hang. I say “increasingly happening” – but you’ll probably still have to ride one of those creepy cargo lifts with a topless labourer trundling a massive crate-filled trolley to get there… yeah, you aren’t in Soho anymore, kids!

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The Globe pub review – out of this world!

I don’t miss many things about England, but Sunday Roast is definitely one thing I do!

Whether our small microwave/oven has the capacity to cook a proper joint of meat in anything less than 24 hours, never mind fitting in all the trimmings, remains to be seen – and that’s before we’ve covered trekking to City Super or Oliver’s to get a good quality cut of beef, paying through the nose for it and trying to polish off the whole meal on my own as I’m the only one in my house that eats beef. Basically, that’s a whole lot of issues for a humble roast and too many for me to worry my little head about. Especially since I’ve discovered that The Globe does a top-notch, home quality Sunday Roast all of its own.

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