Oh, I say! Penhaligon’s guides to life…

penhaligon's guide to gentlemanly behaviour

I swear I’m not obsessed with them… OK, OK, maybe I am… but I am loving these cute postcards from British fragrance brand, Penhaligon’s!

Their Guides to Gentlemanly Behaviour and British Tea Drinking Etiquette are quirky, witty and fun; I’m a sucker for anything done in this vintage-style, which totally fits the heritage of their brand (over 100 years and counting, baby!).

A couple of gems from their Guide to Gentlemanly Behaviour:

“It is the height of rudeness to snack in public.”
“Ensure you are always clean shaven… stubble rash does not become a lady.”
“Headwear should never be worn indoors; the same applies for sunglasses, unless you wish to be branded a fool.”

penhaligon's guide to british tea drinking etiquette

And from their Guide to Tea Drinking Etiquette:

“One must never hold one’s tea-cup with one’s pinkie finger extended. This type of extravagant behaviour is considered improper.”
“One must sip, not slurp.”
“Under no conditions should one dunk a biscuit – this would be simply primitive.”

…And yes, I have done all three of the above! But that won’t stop me sticking them on my walls – they’re just too fun not to!

One response to “Oh, I say! Penhaligon’s guides to life…

  1. I had so much fun reading this!! I love Penhaligons and kudos to them for coming up with such a witty campaign.

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