NARS Kutki nail polish review

As my nail polish collection multiplies by the minute, some tough decisions need to get made. In make-up mental mode, I picked up all of Nars’ Thakoon nail polish collection (an stunning series of summer brights, for those that haven’t already seen it). But when I got home and applied Nars Kutki, I had to ask myself – do I really another pastel blue?! The answer, of course, is a resounding YES.

Unlike China Glaze’s Sea Spray, there is not a hint of dustiness to Kutki – it is a true powder blue. Unlike Chanel’s Coco Blue, there is no secret shimmer to it – it a dreamy creamy crème through and through. Unlike many inferior pastel blues, there is not a hint of chalkiness to it; Kutki is bright soft summer skies all the way. It is, in short, gorgeous.

My previous experience with Nars’ nail polish had been fine but nothing spectacular (see my review of Night Rider here). But the consistency and quality of the Thakoon polishes do really justify the price tag! Kutki has a pleasant, easy to apply formula that seems to glide onto the nail just so. The texture is creamy, buttery and opaque in two quick coats. It is a polish that applies as effortlessly an cleanly as its carefree summer colour implies. I just wish that Nars would consider having a smaller, easier to hold cap under its admittedly aesthetically pleasing, big square one (like Illamasqua or Butter London do).

I imagine it would be easy to find a dupe for Kutki… but for that special frisson of the Thakoon factor, I found it pretty irresistible. Combined with the simply gorgeous colour and the easy as pie formula, Kutki is a definite keeper. Sorry, no tough decisions today guys!

Looks good with: fluffy white clouds, summer sunshine, ice-creams
Drying time: ❤ mins
Coats required: 2
Chips: +5 days

NARS Kutki, Summer 2012 Thakoon Collection, $170, Lane Crawford

5 responses to “NARS Kutki nail polish review

  1. love that nail color! its the perfect shade of blue!

  2. You’re back! We missed you, especially your nail polish reviews! Your review of NARS Kutki made me wish I was outside relaxing instead of staying inside the office working 😦 You have a wonderful, engaging writing style; keep it up, you’ve got loyal readers! 🙂

    • Awww thank you so much for this lovely comment NSTurtle!

      Yes… unfortunately, the day job has been keeping me extremely busy – too busy to even paint my nails! I’ll keep blogging whenever I get the chance as I have lots of other awesome colours to show! xxx

  3. It’s really long lasting….5 days without chipping…I’m impressed. What a beautiful colour…I do think of fluffy white clouds when I see this type of blue…

  4. the color is very cool for summer

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