Lush Jilted Elf shower jelly review

Before the Christmas season is entirely done and dusted, I wanted to share with you one of my favourite festive products from this year – Lush Jilted Elf Shower Jelly!

Showers are usually pretty mundane affairs but, as ever with Lush goodies, shower jellies bring a splash of fun to the bathroom! These are exactly what you’d guess from the name – super-squishy, wonderfully wobbly, jiggle monsters! Whilst the different types of shower jellies come in a rainbow of colours and scents, all feature seaweed gel as one of their main ingredients, which is chock full of natural vitamins and minerals to make your skin and hair feel super-soft. Some people use it as a shampoo or to shave their legs with, and you can even freeze it for future use; however, I just use it a shower gel and it does the job just as brilliantly than a regular body wash… but with a tonne more fun!

Jilted Elf looks exactly like that fluorescent green slime stuff that little boys love playing with and splatting against walls, doors and each other – call it shower flubber if you will! However, there’s a gorgeous sprinkling of gold glitter that saves it looking like it belongs in some deep-sea bog… but that doesn’t leave you looking like something sparkly from the Christmas tree post-shower either!

Jilted Elf was named after a cocktail the Lush team found in New York and is a suitably boozy concoction – a fruity Christmas cocktail of vodka, essential oils (including cinnamon, grapefruit and ginger) and an infusion of figs and honey. I know a lot of people find the scent of Lush products overwhelming but Jilted Elf’s is just beautiful; it’s relatively subtle (unlike the super-strong whiff of Glogg, Lush’s Christmas shower gel), rather sophisticated and just the right amount of intoxicating! It’s difficult to pin down exactly what it smells of – my nose determines it’s neither sweet, floral or musky before giving up and just settling on ‘gorgeous’ – and I absolutely love how the scent lingers on the skin after my shower.

Given the chance, these slippery so-and-sos will slip right out of your fingers and down the drain! So instead, pinch a little bit off (trust me, a little goes a long way!) and smoosh it into your shower puff; it immediately starts to produce beautifully-scented softening foam which you can then smother onto your body with abandon! You’ll find that you only need a tiny amount to get a good lather on (it’s amazing how much foam just a pinch of shower jelly generates) so this stuff lasts ages – good thing too because Jilted Elf is, sadly, a limited-edition festive special. Boo!

I think you’ll know how much I loved Jilted Elf by the fact that as soon as I took my first shower with it, I immediately rushed to Lush to stock up on a few more! It leaves my skin feeling silky soft, moisturised and smelling divine and is a really cute fun addition to my daily routine. Quite who could leave this baby at the altar is beyond me – Jilted Elf shower jelly is a definite keeper!

Lush Jilted Elf shower jelly, $79, Lush (limited-edition)

5 responses to “Lush Jilted Elf shower jelly review

  1. ah it looks so cool 🙂

  2. Hi! Just about to move over to HK and found your blog and your work on Sassy. I think both may be my life saver in coming weeks/months. I live in Australia at the moment and adore Lush here. Where about’s is it in HK? I thought I would be leaving those products behind. Thanks, Lindsay 🙂

    • Hi Lindsay! Thanks for the comment 🙂

      There is a list of Lush’s HK locations on their website here: Annoyingly it is in Chinese but if you copy and paste them into Google Translate, you should be able to work them out. There is one in Central MTR station, two in Causeway Bay (World Trade Centre and Windsore House) and many more! Hope you enjoy HK once you’re here.

      • Oh my goodness, there are quite a few. Thanks so much for your quick reply. I shall be following your blog to make sure I know all the best places to go. Can’t wait to explore HK.

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