Going down the rabbit hole…

You may remember one of the very first posts I wrote on here was about Maison Moschino in Italy, a hotel whose interiors were based on fairy tales. Well, I’ve now found something even better – Alice In Wonderland restaurants in Japan! And we’re not just talking a few perfunctory playing cards here and there, these guys have gone the whole hog… or should that be, the whole white rabbit… and created a fantastical innovative world that’s simply magical. Maison Moschino can consider itself well and truly out fairy-taled!

Of course, if this kind of thing was ever going to happen outside of Disneyland, it was always going to be in Japan, a land where themed restaurants are no laughing matter (yes, I’m looking at you, randomly pirate-themed Satay King). The company behind the Alice In Wonderland restaurants, Diamond Dining, own several other such eateries – themes include vampires, Phantom Of The Opera and Japanese folklore – but the Alice restaurants are surely the jewel in their crown. Similarly, the design brains behind these beautifully-executed, original and playful interiors are the immodestly-named Fantastic Design Works Co. and their work on Alice is the creative highlight amongst their already impressive portfolio.

The photos speak for themselves. I love how truly immersive these environments are – every last detail has been thought of and just looking at these pictures makes me feel like I’m falling down the rabbit hole straight into Wonderland. The use of the old-fashioned illustrations from the original Alice In Wonderland books lends a classic feel to proceedings in a theme that could have easily tipped over into tacky.

The chandeliers in each restaurant (there are three in Tokyo and one in Osaka, all with different décor) also warrant their own mention. Teacups! Playing cards! Cascading red hearts! Cheshire Cat plushies! I couldn’t possibly pick just one favourite!

The theme doesn’t stop at the decoration though. You’re shown in by The Mad Hatter, served by waitresses dressed like Alice, your menus feature pop-up sections, your beverages come with a ‘Drink Me’ note and some dishes are plated up to look like The Caterpillar, The White Rabbit or even The Cheshire Cat! Check out some photos and descriptions on this blog, which just makes the whole thing sound even more wonderful… well, you’d expect nothing less of Wonderland, right?

This is the stuff fantasies are made of, the ideal imagining of the perfect place to have your very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. And all the more fitting here, on Through The Looking Glass!

Images from and more information at Fantastic Design Works Co. and Diamond Dining

Found via We Heart and HomeDSGN

3 responses to “Going down the rabbit hole…

  1. I don’t think I’d enjoy eating in that kind of setting, particularly in Japan, wouldn’t mind just have a look at the decor!

  2. Shame it’s just a restaurant. It’ll be really nice if it was one of those kinky love hotels that I’m heavily into during – ahem – never mind.

  3. Alice and Mad Hatter from me 🙂 Polish blog 🙂

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