Genki Sushi: the gills are alive…!

…Alas, not with the sound of music, but with the sound of human heartbeats.

For those of you that find sushi a difficult concept to stomach in the first place, your feelings will hardly be quelled by this bizarre advert for Genki Sushi that sees your salmon sashimi roll morphing into real live humans.

Obviously, I don’t understand Cantonese, so perhaps the narration provides some light bulb moment as to why we would want to eat sushi that shape-shifts into bemused looking male models.

This ad seems to be on constant rotation on the buses, proving that it isn’t just the still-life posters on public transport out here that have the potential to freak you out (to recap so far we’ve had: hands coming out of eyes, prawns in pizza crusts, children dressed as sperm and a serial killer lurking in your mineral water).

It certainly brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘man-eater’!

3 responses to “Genki Sushi: the gills are alive…!

  1. FYI, in Cantonese we not only use ‘handsome’ to describe handsome men, but also any meat that is fresh and nicely garnished. And hot. (and cute).

    • Hi Laurie,

      Thx for the comment and the info! I guess that helps the ad make a little more sense – but even so, do you wanna eat sushi that turns into people, even if they are ‘handsome’ ones?! I’m not so sure!


  2. The guys don’t look so suave whilst dressed like sushi.

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