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As If! The best fashion lookbook ever

WILDFOX_SPRING_13_CLUELESS-42Sex. Clothes. Popularity. Whatever.

I’ll admit to not being the most stylish cat in town… but I am like, totally buggin’, because something amazing has happened. Something I am actually obsessed with has become fashionable!

Yes, apparently Clueless – one of my favourite films ever, re-watched religiously every few months [Boyfriend: Didn’t we just watch Clueless like… last week?], the script of which is committed to memory ‘as if’ I learnt it in Sunday school – is currently the hottest style inspiration for designers. Short of the catwalks being inspired by the wardrobes of Disney princesses or Jem & The Holograms, I am likely to never be this en vogue ever again!

WILDFOX_SPRING_13_CLUELESS-28Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?

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Sweet Valley High just got sweeter!

What’s this – photographs not taken during a season of Next Top Model making the pages of my Pretty Things section?! Yes, you read right, but this summer ad campaign for American brand Wildfox is too delish not to drool over.

It’s based on 90s teen book and tv series Sweet Valley High – I know, awesome already, right?! It’s all sleepovers, crushes, sunshine and secrets, basically an all-American summer encapsulated in one photoshoot by Henrik Purienne. Rather than delivering the typical ‘buying these clothes might make me as pretty as the models’ aspirational campaigns that many brands go for (cough Abercrombie & Fitch cough), there’s a sense of ease and fun to these images that means the models look like genuine BFFs.

I particularly love the sun-bleached look these photos have – you can practically feel the heat radiating off them! – and it all adds to a slightly vintage feel (check out that retro Pepsi can!) that makes you feel like you’re flicking through an old family album. Admittedly, one in which the girls seem particularly ill-disposed to wearing anything over their underpants (it’s a shoot for tees, who can blame them?!).

My favourite photos are the ones with the phone (above), which instantly make me think of racking up my parents’ phone bill on late night calls to my bessies It also reminds me of this amazing 90s board game called Dream Phone where you had a giant pink phone that played voice recordings of boys, so you could work out who had a crush on you (‘You’re right! I really like you!) – very apt, given the slogan on the tee!

I also love the pizza ones above, which call back to all those sleepovers where you all end up in hysterical laughter about nothing in particular, and the models perfectly capture that conspiratorial sense of fun in a way that just looks effortless.

So grab your sunnies, shorts and SPF – summer is here! [Wildfox tee optional]

Photos from Wildfox’s blog via Rock N Rose HK blog