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Well, it has to start somewhere…

The first posts of blogs are usually not the most thrilling affairs and I expect this will be no exception.

The picture illustrates the reason for this blog title. Namely: oooh isn’t the front cover of this book pretty. It’s also a really good book and errr… I want this to be a really good blog.

…But I’m a sucker for pretty things and wanted the whole collection of these specially-bound Penguin classics (other patterns were somewhat less delightful – Jane Austen’s Emma was just a load of chairs…). I settled on Carroll because it was magically 100 dollars cheaper than the others (a sign from above, obviously), because I didn’t own a decent edition of it already and so I could legitimately post a picture of it for you without being forcibly ejected from the bookshop. So one thing you can expect on here is postings of pretty things I encounter.

“Through The Looking Glass” also encourages thoughts to do with mirrors and reflections, which is about as deep as I can go after a full day at work spent helping (i.e. doing everything for) 2-5 year olds to paint pictures of pandas. So there will be a fair few reflections on life, “stuff” and my adventures in Hong Kong.

And finally mirrors = beauty and I’ll be writing about make-up, clothes and style. I’ll also be writing be reviewing music a lot, maybe film too, although I am yet to figure out a convoluted connection between that and the blog title. But they’re the things I love (and write about anyway as Music/Style Editor for Teentoday, so two birds with one stone).

Hmmm… that doesn’t sound like nearly enough… perhaps I’ll throw the kitchen sink in too…