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Make-Up Miracles: Clinique Cream Eyeliner review

Ages ago, in a dim and distant millennia, Benefit’s Get Bent brush was my very first make-up miracle. I proclaimed it the only make-up brush worth having and that its prowess for applying eyeliner was unbeaten. Well, that hasn’t changed. But now, I have found the perfect eyeliner for it to apply. Step forward Clinique’s Brush-On Cream Eyeliner.

Having never mastered the art of liquid eyeliner without looking like a jellyfish inked in my eye and sick of pencil eyeliners sliding down my face and making me look like a panda practically before I put it on (especially in HK’s humidity), it was obvious some kind of middle ground was required. Cream/gel eyeliner, here we come.

Clinique’s is certainly not the only cream/gel eyeliner on the market yet in my opinion, it’s the best. Having sped through Mac’s, Bobbi Brown’s and even my beloved Benefit’s without getting a feel for them being ‘The One’, I turned to the ever-dependable Clinque for answers.

Clinique the brand is practically a make-up miracle for me in itself. It’s one of those reliable, safe and well-regarded companies whose make-up counters are not fronted by some Next Top Model also-ran trying to plaster every shade of her brand’s eyeshadow on at once, but by someone in a white coat. Oooh, science-y.  All their stuff is allergy-tested (7200 times for each product fyi) and 100% fragrance-free, which is great if you have sensitive skin. Or in this case, sensitive eyes – like me.

Admittedly, Clinique’s Cream Eyeliner can’t compete with Mac in terms of colour – the four shades available (Black, Brown, Grey and Black Honey) are squint-and-they-all-look-the-same similar – but it beats them on every other front. It goes on like a dream, stays put all-day (pretty much the only eyeliner I’ve found that does so) and can be fiddled about with easily for either a low-key daytime look or a sultry and sexy night out.

My shade of choice is Smoke Grey – softer and less harsh than pure black for day but can still be layered on for proper darkness come the midnight hour. My appliance of choice, as you’ve established, is the Get Bent brush, which sweeps it on at precise angles to achieve the perfect flick. And my place of choice is perpetual residence in my make-up bag, where one tiny pot seems to take on Tardis-like levels of seeming bigger than it is by lasting forever; it genuinely is my ‘Can’t Live Without/Desert Island Essential’ product ever since I developed a deep-seated addiction to eyeliner in my teens. Thankfully, my look is a little more grown-up than the smudgy-eyed racoon style I sported in those days – and I’ve got Clinique to thank for it.

Clinique Brush-On Cream Eyeliner, $130 for 5g (doesn’t sound much but lasts well over a year!)

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Make-Up Miracles: Benefit Get Bent Brush review

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably think make-up brushes are a waste of time, money and make-up.  After all, we all have fingers that do the job just as well… don’t they?

Well, maybe not.  The Get Bent brush for eyeliner made by kitsch and cool cosmetics company, Benefit, has turned me into a complete brush convert.

You might think the £11.50 price-tag is a bit much for a twig of wood with some bristles attached.  But here you would be wrong.  Firstly, £11.50 is actually not that bad by professional make-up brush standards – just check out Mac’s massive range of brushes, for which you’d probably need to spend your entire student loan on if you wanted the complete set.  Secondly, and most importantly, this brush will actually save you money!

Using this brush transforms any powder eyeshadow into an eyeliner.  The bristles are uniquely angled to create the perfect line as close to the lashes as possible, with the brush hard enough to get the job done perfectly and professionally, but not hard enough to poke your eye out.

Gone are the days of struggling with easily-blunted rock-hard pencils and unruly and messy liquids (one slip and you wind up looking like a member of the Adams family) – instead, just dab the Get Bent brush in water, swirl it about in your favourite eyeshadow and let the angled bristles do all the work for you.  This multi-tasking of eyeshadows effectively means you never need waste money on eyeliners again.  It’s also perfect for creating those fluorescent lined eyes that the likes of Lily Allen have been sporting recently and gives you a far greater range of colour options than the stock brown and black eyeliners that most make-up counters offer.

In short, a true make-up miracle.

Originally posted at Teentoday