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Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Eye Masks review

The third and final element of Bliss Spa’s Triple Oxygen trinity are their Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Eye Masks, sold in boxes of four. Bliss reckons that they’re like ‘an energy drink for the eye’ and they’re certainly more stylish than a DIY cucumber job, but are the results any more effective?

Bliss claim that the Triple O eye masks will brighten dark circles, de-puff under-eye bags (or in my case, should that be rucksacks?) and soften fine lines – all from one strip of fabric in just 15 minutes. The magic ingredients that make this possible? Three forms of ‘glow-inducing oxygenisation’, the antioxidant vitamin C and ‘puff-pummelling’ cucumber extract, all delivered via a liquid solution that you yourself soak into soft marine collagen pads via the super-innovative packaging.

The snazzy packing is definitely the most unique aspect of these masks. There are two compartments – one containing a pad to go under each eye, the other filled with a clear liquid solution. Bliss states that this keeps the active ingredients in their purest form, meaning they have ‘maximum potency’ once released onto your face.

All you have to do is press down on the fluid chamber until it pops, releasing the liquid onto the masks and saturating them until they look something like this:

Others have reported packs popping their contents all over their bathroom sinks, but I found it simple and fuss-free. You then peel away the foil back and place the pads under your eyes. Be warned – the soaking wet fabric is very soft and can tear easily, so be delicate! Instructions are printed both on the box and on the back of each pack so there’s no chance of forgetting what to do.

The pads themselves are also infused with all sorts of vitamins and minerals and freeze-dried to lock these goodies in – at the Bliss Spa evening, we were told that a huge percentage of people noticed a difference just by using the masks on their own without soaking in any of the solution.

The pads are so saturated that they drip quite a lot, so you really have no other option than to lie back, close your eyes and relax! I would also advise that you don’t use these immediately after you’ve applied moisturiser or any other product to your face, as the solution trickles down and you’ll end up wanting to rinse it all off afterwards. I’ve also found that if I place the pads too near your lashline, it irritates my eyes – it could just be the result of my sensitive eyes, whilst others have suggested it’s the active ingredients working their magic but either way, you may end up needing to adjust the placement a little.

There is no doubt that these Triple Oxygen eye masks are ultra, uber-refreshing. I store mine in the fridge, meaning that they’re even more deliciously cool and invigorating! It’s also surprising that even though they’re only for under your eyes unlike the more conventional masks on the market, they definitely leave your whole eye area feeling recharged and ready-to-go.

However, I honestly didn’t notice any difference to my dark circles, which remained as resolutely panda-like as ever, and only a minimal and temporary difference to under-eye puffiness. As yet (*frantically touching wood*), I don’t have any noticeable fine lines under my eyes so can’t really comment on that either, although my skin did feel softer. Although Bliss reckons the Triple O masks are a quick and easy solution for faking a full eight hours sleep, I’m unconvinced that the results are any better than getting a good dose of some serious shut-eye – or indeed a bout with any other conventional eye masks that you might have hibernating in your fridge.

Where these eye masks are a definite winner is in terms of pure relaxation. Unlike the Triple O face mask, which you can wear whilst still going about your daily chores (even if you might scare your boyfriend in the process!), the drippy nature of the eye pads really forces you to take some time out. Whether or not you view this as a positive or negative depends on your lifestyle as much as anything else but the cooling sensation is so refreshing and energising that it really deserves to be wallowed in and enjoyed!

For me, the eye masks are the least essential of Bliss’ Triple Oxygen products – the face mask is one of my make-up miracles whilst I was also mightily impressed with the moisturising cream – and, for the price, they’re more of a luxury than a must-have. However, if you’re in need of adding some extra zing to your peepers and fancy treating your indulgent side, these might just be ‘eye’deal!

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Eye Masks, available from Bliss Spa @ W Hotel, Kowloon, or Bliss counters at Faces and Lane Crawford.

Make-Up Miracles: Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Mask review

You may remember, about a year ago, I had one of the best days of my life thanks to a bag full of Bliss goodies sent by the lovely folk at Flare Communications. Yes, the way to my heart is paved with free make-up. As if Flare (and in particular, the gorgeous Bastian) hadn’t been generous enough, they sent me ANOTHER package to see in Chinese New Year. Wonderful wonderful people indeed. Once my gleeful dancing had subsided, I realised I hadn’t reviewed nearly enough Bliss products on here, so here’s a Make-Up Miracle that’s been a long time coming – the Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Mask.

I think I left it so long for purely selfish reasons; basically, I didn’t want to let the rest of the world in on this stunning skincare secret! The Triple Oxygen Mask delivers spa-fresh skin in five minutes all from the comfort of your own home – ok, that home may not be quite as comfortable as Bliss Spa (bring on the brownie buffet) but, for a fraction of the price, the results are almost as spectacular as the famous Triple Oxygen facial itself.

I was recommended the Triple Oxygen Mask by the Bliss therapist who did my facial, who said it would help prevent the bacteria that caused spots. These invariably hang around looking red and angry on my pale skin long after the pimple itself had done its worst and she reckoned the mask would help restore my fair skin to its natural blemish-free radiance (well, I’m sure it’s lurking somewhere!). Give the woman a pay rise because she was so so right.

The mask comes out the pump dispenser as a pale peach gel with a light fresh fruity scent to it (the same apricot-esque aroma as the Triple Oxygen Energising Cream), which you then massage onto damp skin. You have to work reasonably quickly, as this is what happens (be warned, immense ugliness follows):

It foams! And then it foams some more! Be warned, it tickles! This, I presume, is the oxygen part happening right before your eyes – and Bliss says, it’s this that creates a hostile environment for those evil blemish-causing bacteria, which are anaerobic and thus can’t survive in the presence of some good old O2. The formula also contains Vitamin C, which lightens and tightens the skin, plus antioxidants that protect against damage from those pesky free radicals.

The foaming dies down after about five minutes, leaving a sticky residue that you rinse off and follow with your favourite moisturiser. And that’s all there is to it!

For something so quick easy and fuss-free (it’s really no more work than a good cleanser), the results are nothing short of miraculous. Well, this section *is* called Make-Up Miracles! Your skin looks instantly rejuvenated, fresher, brighter and more radiant. What’s more, this gorgeous glow doesn’t disappear as quickly as the foam itself – you’re certain to still see the effects for at least a few days afterwards. Those oxygen bubbles must deliver one hell of a pep talk to dull sallow skin!

The Bliss Triple Oxygen Energising Mask may seem a little pricey at first yet it has effectively wiped out my previous expenditure on monthly facials – quite simply, the results from this at-home treatment were more obviously and instantly radiant than from the work of my local beauticians. I also think that the noticeable glow lasts long enough to ensure you wouldn’t really need to use it more than once a week anyway and certainly not every day, so one bottle lasts for quite a while.

The Triple Oxygen Mask works really well as an impact treatment, when your skin just looks sucky and continues to do so no matter what you do and however many Glee songs you sing. One application and five minutes later and your complexion is so invigorated that it may as well come complete with a sparkling sound effect!

In short, it does everything you’d expect a Make-Up Miracle to do. Hence why it’s here. Obvious really!

Check out my review of another great face mask (that smells like chocolate!) here

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Mask, available in Hong Kong via Bliss Spa @ W Hong Kong in Kowloon, or Bliss counters at Faces and Lane Crawford

Blissage75 & Triple Oxygen Treatment @ Bliss Spa Hong Kong review

bliss spa w hong kong

Following on from my Bliss-full night, the time is ripe to tell you more about my personal experience with Bliss. Lucky me, I am the owner of one very lovely boyfriend who took me to stay at The W for my birthday. Of course, this was just an excuse to work in a chance to have treatments at Bliss Spa. If it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for me. BEST PRESENT EVER. And hands off ladies, you can’t have him! Here’s a review of the two treatments I received, the Blissage75 massage and the Triple Oxygen Facial.

Blissage75 ($1110)

Leaflet states: ‘A virtual countdown to butter’. For once, a leaflet that doesn’t lie. You just feel like your body is melting. The 75 stands for how many minutes this all-over body massage lasts and let me tell you, it’s not nearly long enough. It begins with this slightly weird but ultimately wonderful warm wax foot wrap where your feet are smothered with hot wax before being shoved in what feels like clingfilm. Odd on paper but truly amazing to experience – your feet just feel like they’re melting into a soft warm happy goo. Loved it. The rest of the massage was pretty good too and never made me feel uncomfortable; although the Blissage75 is perhaps a little short of the unique touches that make other treatments unmistakably Bliss, my body never felt better. No rest for the wicked though…

Triple Oxygen Treatment ($1250)

This facial was an ummm… interesting experience but the results are worth it. 85 minutes long and a great complexion-reviver for all skin types, your face will really go through the works – intensive cleansing, exfoliation, wraps, extractions, masks. Amidst all this, the therapist said, ‘I’m now going to rub some acid on your face’. This was as fun as it sounds. Prickly, tickly, itchy, I had to keep repeating to myself ‘Beauty is pain’ to stop myself from scratching my skin off/bursting into giggles as it felt like my epidermis was fizzing (and no, that isn’t a euphemism!). The drier your skin is, the more intense the sensation so I had particular problems around my lip area, which tingled for most of the rest of the session. At the end, you’ll get blast of oxygen spray which feels like you’re in a wind tunnel, albeit an invigorating healthy one (photo shows woman receiving this part at the Bliss Evening).

The results are instantly obvious, even though you’ve got that shiny pink post-facial thing going on – my skin positively glowed and was so much clearer and radiant. And this is no flash-in-the-pan facial – I felt the results were still visible months on. Plus, with their Triple Oxygen products (face mask, eye mask and moisturiser – click the words to read my reviews), you can replicate the rosy radiance effects at home – the energising face mask is my favourite and without doubt, one of my make-up miracles! And Bliss have now introduced a condensed, 30-minute version of this treatment that you can get at their counters too ($630).

My therapist then asked me if I wanted to head back to my room or return to the Brownie Buffet – stupid question alert! I then proceeded to undo all her good work by stuffing my face with brownie goodness. Never mind…

I know this might look a little pricey but I can honestly say, you get what you pay for. I’ve had massages and facials before but this was a luxury experience through and through; as I’ve mentioned before in my Bliss write-up, it’s all about the attention to detail and the little touches that make you feel special. So the fluffy bathrobe, the amazing views of HK, the décor, the lovely staff, the rubber duckies and of course, the brownies, make it worth it. Even better if like me, you can find someone who loves you enough to stump up for it. And I’m reliably informed by those in the know that these prices are pretty standard for the luxury spa experience.

I never wanted it to end, my whole stay at the W was a totally magical experience (will you think worse of me if I confess to crying when we left?!). Go on, treat yourself and indulge – your body will thank you for it, even if your bank balance won’t!

Read my review of Bliss Spa’s Fabulous Facial

P.S. Look! A duck!

Bliss Spa, W Hotel, 1 Austin Road, West Kowloon Station, 3717 2797


[Banner and interior photo from W Hotel Hong Kong’s website]

Bliss Spa: A Bliss-full night

Writing about my lovely experience at Bliss Spa at The W Hotel has been one of those things on my very long to-do list for this blog for a very long time. However, last night, I was treated to An Evening At Bliss (thanks to the lovely folks from Flare Communications and Bliss Spa itself) so I really can’t make excuses any more. So here’s a little rambling about why Bliss is wonderful, with reviews of the two treatments I received (the Blissage75 massage and the Triple Oxygen Facial) to follow…

Why Bliss Spa and The W are a perfect match (even if one likes Grease and one likes Snatch – joke for A*Teens fans only!):

What I love about The W is that although it’s a five-star hotel, it’s not one of the traditional older “institutions” that HK has in abundance. Instead, it’s contemporary luxury with a feeling of individuality to both its design and services (and a few Asian eyebrows were raised at staff wearing Converse!). Similarly, although Bliss is a luxury spa, it’s not of those deathly-quiet ones where you feel like a monk taking holy orders. There’s a sense of fun in addition to the obvious quality on offer and fantastic attention to detail in quirky little touches. Names with a sense of humour, rubber ducks peeking out from every orifice and a Brownie Buffet.

Hang on, did you say Brownie Buffet?!

Yes and it’s amazing as it sounds. There’s a whole buffet full of delectable treats laid on for your gastronomic pleasure, including cheese and crackers, olives, homemade lemonade (delish) and various teas. But it’s obviously all about the brownies, which are actually amongst the best I’ve tasted in HK.

Pic does neither brownies nor view justice - apols

Defiantly un-shop-bought or mass-produced, they’re gooey, chocolatey, fudgey, nutty, melt-in-the-mouth lush. And at Bliss, no mardy therapist will slap away your hand from reaching for your third… or in my case, seventh… brownie. Julie from Bliss told me that in the States, they have cook-offs amongst local bakeries for who produces the brownies for their spas – such a cute idea! They should do some HK variant – daan tart, anyone?!

Other cool things, in no particular order:

  • The highest spa in HK (72nd floor, biatches!) means you get amazing views over HK, especially at night, and thankfully they’ve made huge windows for you to enjoy this (as you can see from the banner picture, which I can take no credit for – it’s from their Facebook). And a definite improvement on the claustrophobic cupboards you often have local facials in here.
  • Relaxation lounges have an iPod dock so you can listen to your own music whilst you wait.
  • The room where you get those messy detox wrap things actually has a shower above the bed where you lie, so you don’t even have to move to get clean. They should clearly install this technology for all beds. But when you do move, you head for these amazing showers that completely immerse you in yummy smells (whilst still getting you clean, obviously). Staff wear flippers. Amazing!
  • All this is very well and good, but at the end of the day, you’re essentially going to be spending your time face down on a bed and all the rubber ducks in the world won’t matter unless Bliss’ treatments (and products) are amazing and genuinely work. Which they do. (Phew!)

Leading us nicely onto…

Alas, I’m such a Bliss junkie, most of the products we tried at the evening I was already familiar with – and with names like FatGirl Slim, how can you resist?! In fact, I think some other bloggers thought I was some Bliss mole planted to indoctrinate them to the ways of Bliss such was my freaky product knowledge (alas, not guilty either). Sadly for my bank account, I did meet some new products and I now have some more stuff on my wish-list:

Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask – The gorgeous Bastian from Flare totally sold this deep-clean mask to me! A small test of the blackhead-banisher definitely made me want to try it out, if only for the dual-coloured-ness of it (it comes out in two streams of blue and green – like toothpaste – which encourages you to really massage it together on your face)! My pores are so big that small animals probably fall into them when I’m asleep so the claim that 73% of people noticed a reduction in size can only be a good thing.

Didn't know Fu Manchu was a blogger

Poetic Waxing – I watched two girls get waxed with this first-hand and was amazed at the results. No squeals of pain, no watering eyes, no fingernail-indentations in the counter, not even much redness. For a waxing virgin like me, it also looks ridiculously easy to use at home – heat in the microwave, apply, tap to see if ready, peel off, look fab. Plus you can pretend you have a moustache like Peggy did (hat optional). We also got to examine the removed wax complete with hairs – luverly. But solid proof that this works.

Body Butter – I tried a sampler size of their lemon and sage body butter before and loved both the scent and the creamy, dreamy effects. Marcia Kilgore, founder of Bliss, is also responsible for one of my other favourite body butters (Soap & Glory’s The Righteous Butter) so the omens are good.

So overall, a great night (and extra thanks to Bastian from Flare and Julie from Bliss for being super-duper lovely to me). I hope I get invited again, although I clearly need no conversion to the wonders of Bliss and you can expect reviews of some of the other products in my goodie bag sometime soon!

[Banner photo from W Hotel Hong Kong’s website]

Bliss Triple Oxygen Energising Cream moisturiser review

As regular readers may know, the day where wonderful PRs sent me a bag full of Bliss bounty was one of the happiest in my life. Having been testing the Triple Oxygen Energising Cream for a good month now, I feel it’s time to make it my very first Beauty Spot and I’m afraid it’s bad news for my loyal Aldi moisturiser.

It’s basically a tub of loveliness. It’s beautifully lightweight (especially advantageous in this muggy HK humidity) and gets absorbs by the skin so easily, it barely needs rubbing in. It smells gorgeous and fresh, without being either overpowering, artificial or medicinal. It comes with some clever-sounding science stuff about how the pairing of oxygen and vitamin C helps cell respiration, collagen synthesis and skin hydration.

But all this is relatively unimportant compared to the bare bones – this stuff works. Rather like the Triple Oxygen Mask (soon to be a Make-Up Miracle – you heard it here first, folks!), it genuinely makes your skin look wonderful. As in lighter, brighter, softer and glowing. Dull skin is banished with all the effectiveness of a fairy godmother; I didn’t actually believe moisturisers could work such relatively instant wonders. Given the recent stresses of my job, this cream is about the only thing saving me from looking like the sleep-deprived energy-depleted dead-girl-walking that I feel (although the matchsticks propping up my eyelids are a bit of a giveaway).

Triple O Cream (not to be confused with the burger joint of the same name) is designed for use both morning and evening, which has pros (no need to buy two creams) and cons (uses up faster). But so far, it looks like one tub might last for at least 6 months, even with such regular use, hence justifying the HKD $420 price tag. It looks like a case of having realised the grass is indeed greener, I’m not sure I could return to the cheaper though perfectly functional astro-turf on the other side (that’s the Aldi moisturiser btw, for those that aren’t fans of an extended metaphor).

So it’s buh-bye sallow stressed complexion, hello radiant revived skin. Not bad work for a thirty-second routine rub of Triple O cream, eh?

P.S. Still waiting on other nice HK PR-types to start sending me free make-up to review; I’m twiddling my thumbs at rachelmread@gmail.com

Edit: Sadly, my prediction of the tub lasting 6 months was a little optimistic. With twice-daily use, I managed to eke it out for about 4 months; the shape of the pot is a little misleading as it’s only a cylinder in the middle filled with the moisturiser, not the outer edges too.

Bliss Triple Oxygen +C Energising Cream, $420, available from Bliss Spa in the W Hotel, Kowloon and counters in FACES (Tsim Sha Tsui) and Lane Crawford (Times Square, Causeway Bay and Pacific Place, Admiralty)

A Bliss-full day

Apologies for the lack of posts but I have spent the last week struck down with gastroenteritis – a week of being bed-ridden and existing on nothing but congee and clutching at my stomach. So it’s only now I can tell you about the amazing thing that happened to me last Friday morning…

If there’s one thing I don’t mind being woken up early by, it’s this:

There can’t be many better starts to a working day than a Chinese courier bearing gifts. Let’s take a sneak peek inside:

So that’s a bag full of Bliss goodies for those of you not in the know. I regard Bliss as Benefit’s smarter yet stunning sister – the two companies share a sense of humour and playfulness that I adore (pun-writer’s dream Bliss product names: Fatgirl Slim, Love Handler, Quadruple Thighpass, whilst each box opens with the missive ‘You look spa-velous!’ on the flap) married with top quality product. Bliss majors in skincare and body treatments (it’s the scientific wizardry behind the skincare that makes them smarter than Benefit fyi!) in-line with where it all started, their delightful modern luxury spas. Founded by Marcia Kilgore (who now oversees the brilliant Soap & Glory range, available at Boots in UK), Bliss spas offer up not just luxury but a sense of cool, fun and free brownies. Yes, you read right, free brownies. No wonder Kate Hudson, Oprah Winfrey and Jessica Alba are fans.

Receiving this bag of Bliss bounty is possibly one of the best days of my life – apart from my day spent at Bliss Spa itself, of course (and yes, I filled up on the free brownies, no doubt undoing all the good work the Bliss beauty therapists had spent hours on). It comprises of the Bliss Triple Oxygen Trio – energizing face mask, cream and eye mask – plus a lovely handwritten card telling me to ‘stay beautiful’. Note to PR companies worldwide, *this* is how it’s done. This, rather than the daily irrelevant spammage I receive as music/style editor for Teentoday, is the way to ingratiate yourself to your customers. Any other HK-based PR agencies wishing to bestow me with samples, I’m only an e-mail away at rachelmread@gmail.com (and you’ve got a tough act to follow!).

I was recommended the Triple Oxygen face mask by my Bliss therapist after my treatment, and ever since, it’s been waiting in the Make-Up Miracles vaults for me to shout from the rooftops about how brilliant it is so expect to see that get the full glowing write-up soon; I’ll save proper reviews of the other products (and even my trip to Bliss Spa at W Hotel HK if you’re lucky) for later, once I’ve had a chance to try them out. This is just a post to say a big thank you to Bliss for just proving why they’re totally at the top of their game.