THANN Eden Breeze Collection – Aromatherapy Shower Gel, Body Oil, Body Scrub and Body Butter review

thann eden breeze collection hong kong

Now I love me a spa day as much as the next lady-of-leisure, but sometimes time – let alone bank balance – simply are not willing. In which case, don’t listen to that Mohammed fellow and simply let the mountain come to you… via some lovely spa-tastic skincare products instead! Case in point: the THANN Eden Breeze Collection.

THANN is a Bangkok-based beauty brand that boasts award-winning, uber-relaxing THANN Sanctuary spas dotted all around the world, including Hong Kong. But for a little taste of spa-style luxury in the “comfort” of your own home (i.e. smaller, nowhere near as nice smelling, and with inquisitive puppies often crashing your zen), their line of body and skincare products totally do the trick at injecting a luxurious dose of pampering into your general beauty regime – even if they don’t come with your own personal Thai masseuse (rats!).

THANN’s beauty products are largely based around essential oils and aromatherapy properties, meaning they all smell blooming gorgeous and nicely evocative of a sensuous spa day – and the latest Eden Breeze Collection, based around jasmine and rose essential oils, is no exception.

thann eden breeze shower gel

The most usable item in the collection is the Eden Breeze Aromatherapy Shower Gel, a perfect example of adding a touch of lusciousness into the everyday. Shower gels are something of an unsung hero in people’s beauty routines – after all, when was the last time you heard someone raving about a totes amazing shower gel?! – but underestimate the power of a good one at your peril!

Containing jasmine, bergamot and rose essential oils, plus organic sunflower seed and rice bran oils, the Eden Breeze Shower Gel smells beautifully fragrant without being overpowering – it’s deliciously heady stuff, like tramping through a gorgeous summer garden at night. I liked how little of it was needed to create an impressive foam, and it delivered well on the moisturising front too.

thann eden breeze body scrub

I’ll admit, I don’t really use body scrubs that often in my beauty regime – and if I do, I prefer energising, invigorating, put-your-back-into-it ones – so as a result, the more gentle Eden Breeze Body Scrub didn’t make much of an impression. Featuring organic coconut oil, rice bran oil, apricot kernels, sunflower seed and grape seed extracts, it certainly feels more hydrating than your average scrub but I felt the exfoliating beads were too sparsely studded to really do the business on super dry skin.

thann eden breeze body oil spray

I also don’t really use body oils in my everyday beauty routine – but I was pleasantly surprised by the Eden Breeze Body Oil Spray. The oil was a lot less heavy and greasy than I had been expecting and instead, it spritzed on lightly and absorbed quickly. I’d recommend applying this quick smart post-shower to seal in moisture and keep your skin supple and silky; the formula also includes cucumber and aloe vera extracts, which means that it should work a charm for soothing sunburn too. (As you can see, Sunny was a big fan of this one too!)

thann eden breeze body butter

However, my favourite product from the range has to be the Eden Breeze Body Butter; now, *this* really is spa luxury all over. It’s thick, rich, creamy, soufflé-light, cashmere-soft and could only really get better if it was somehow edible too.

Now a little of this really does go a long way – it’s packed to the buttery brim with all kinds of good stuff (cocoa butter, jojoba oil, liquorice extract, nano shiso extract – me neither, and cogon grass root – say what?!). It absorbs into dry needy limbs quickly, providing long-lasting, intense, wondrous hydration; in fact, it’s so long lasting that you can actually still feel that silky rich smoothness and catch delicate whiffs of that delightful floral loveliness at least 24 hours afterwards (around the time you have to wash again, to be exact). The only downside is that it comes in a tub so vast, my tiny child hands can barely splay wide enough to open the thing!

Well actually, the second downside is that it’s really rather expensive – yes, you get a tub fit for giants, but $730… seriously? The Eden Breeze Body Butter is definitely more birthday list material; I think it might be a clever move for THANN to make smaller, less “sharp intake of breath on seeing price-tag” versions of it to make it just a tad more accessible to the average customer.

thann eden breeze collection

Overall, the THANN Eden Breeze Collection definitely delivers a spa-vellous hit of luxury to your everyday body-care routine and that heady combination of jasmine and rose is beautifully potent stuff. However, given that my favourite item from the collection turned out to be the most expensive, it may be more limited to cool cameo appearances rather than a regular starring role in my bathroom cabinet!

THANN Eden Breeze Aromatherapy Shower Gel $270, Body Scrub $400, Body Oil Spray $390 and Body Butter $730

See all THANN locations in Hong Kong here or buy online here

Note: Products provided for my consideration

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