Summer Lust List 2014

Why isn’t there a Santa for summertime? There are simply too many things I want… and not nearly enough fairy godmothers to gift them to me!


Forget animal prints, I’d rather take “animal magic” to a more literal… and cute… level!

Animal Magic

Uniqlo Lisa Larsson Giraffe Tee, MO&Co. Zebra Top, Uniqlo Moomin Tee
Do Moomins count as animals?! Anyway, I often buy Uniqlo t-shirts for pyjama tops as they’re 100% cotton and wash really well… but I ended up loving this Lisa Larsson giraffe tee so much that it has graduated to my daywear drawer.

American Eagle Boy Shorts
These American Eagle are the most comfortable pair of shorts I own – so much so that several of my friends got sick of the sight of them last summer. Oh well… get ready to be sick of the sight of them all over again this year!

Le Bunny Bleu Ballet Flats
SO CUTE. ‘Nuff said. (Le Bunny Bleu stores in Hong Kong here).

Origami Pegasus Necklace, Accessorize Elephant Earrings, TOPSHOP Rabbit Ring
I have wanted this Origami Pegasus Necklace since forever. Someone please buy it for me to stop me having to include it in lists like these until the end of time.

Tony Moly Panda Dream Hand Cream, Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bars
Tony Moly – here to fulfil all your ridiculously cute cosmetics needs.


The melancholy yet stylish version of that Daft Punk Digital Love song?

Digital BluesMO&Co. Digital Print Skirt
Just in case MO&Co. haven’t hit your style radar yet, this Chinese-born, Paris-inspired label always boasts some gorgeous prints and on-trend but not too on-trend pieces every season, and at reasonably affordable prices too (think Club Monaco). This kaleidoscopic digital print is totally dreamy – it reminds me of a Kylie Minogue record sleeve for some reason – and I love the flash of orange lining. P.S. MO&Co. is available in Hong Kong at LAB Concept.

American Eagle V-Neck T-Shirts
With a print that strong on the bottom, you need something plain up top. I can also attest that my American Eagle tee is also one of the comfiest tops I own, so I’m eager to add more to my wardrobe. You can never have enough plain t-shirts, right?

Oroton Entourage Tote Bag
I tote-ally need a new bag (geddit?!). No, I really do; my current handbag used to be gold and now it’s a weird sludge colour… and it’s reached such an offensive stage of “ewww” that friends and relatives have been offering to partially fund a new one. I popped into Australian brand Oroton’s new boutique in Causeway Bay, and these stunning leather Entourage totes instantly caught my eye. I can’t decide between the teal or cobalt – so do those well-meaning friends and family fancy stumping up the cash for both?!

Melissa Jelly Shoes
I also really need some new shoes – my favourite pair are SO my favourite pair that I’ve actually worn holes into their soles (aware that I’m sounding like a total hobo by now). Loads of people have recommended Mel and Melissa’s jelly shoes as being amazingly comfy and perfect for wearing in Hong Kong’s summer rainstorms; hell, they’re prettier than Crocs anyway!


Forget that hippy-dippy shit… if I’m doing florals, this is how it’s gonna go down!

Flower PowerTOPSHOP Floral Textured Flippy Dress, TOPSHOP Happy Floral Flippy Dress
OK, slight cheat here: I’ve already bought both these dresses! Basically, I asked my friend Cynthia who works at TOPSHOP to bring me every dress she could find that didn’t have a zip – yup, I don’t do zips anymore, I’m all about elasticated comfort baby! – and she came back with these beauties. They’re pretty, they’re effortless, they’re extremely comfy… straight in the shopping basket they went.

Oroton Alpine Bangle, Oroton Provenance Bangle, Ladybug Earrings
I’m yet to reach the bracelet stacking skills of my arm party idol Sabrina Sikora, but I’m planning on taking baby steps with these sophisticated thin bangles from Oroton. I was given the Alpine Bangle at their press event and have been receiving compliments on it ever since. As for the cute ladybird earrings, I bought a similar pair from a stall down some skeevy side alley in Sheung Wan for the bargainous price of $20!

Alessi PetNic Travel Basket
For all the amazing summer picnics I’m going to have this season… OK a slight case of wishful thinking, but I just love Italian brand Alessi’s fabulous but functional designs, and this is no exception. Yup, that’s not a typo in the product name; this picnic basket is perfect for hitting the road with your four-legged friends as its detachable lids double up as food or water bowls, whilst you can conveniently transport all your necessities (water bottle, plastic bags, Scotch eggs, whatever) inside too. And it looks awesome – but it’s Alessi and you obviously knew that already.

MISCHA Jet Set Tote, MISCHA Business Card Holder
Style fairy godmother Sabrina snagged me this MISCHA business card holder at their last sample sale – and honestly, I couldn’t have picked a better colour if I’d have been there myself. Yes, my love of aqua certainly does not just stop at nail polish! As you’ve heard by now, I need a new handbag, so this neon dream is definitely another contender.

Irregular Choice Sound Asleep Shoes
These shoes are SO cute; the use of neutral tones perfectly balances out Irregular Choice’s wackier aspects (do you spot the little sleeping eye?). Could these be my new summer neutrals?

LAKA Nail Polish
Can’t. Get. Enough. Of. These. Colours. [Check out my mani here for proof!]


Although my sea legs are non-existent (unless ashy green faces are in fashion), I’m happy to take some sailor-inspired sartorial tips!

Nautical & Nice

Gap Colourblock Dress, Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist Lip Pencil
This casual but cute Gap dress would look awesome with a strong scarlet lip… and I know just the chunky lip candy to deliver that!

Jack Wills Horseshoe Necklace, Massimo Dutti Hat
Am I the kind of person that looks good in hats? Oh well, only one way to find out!

Louella Odie Sailing Boat Bag
Nautical-inspired style doesn’t get much prettier than these beautiful bags by homegrown label, Louella Odie… and as I believe I might have mentioned one or two times, I’m desperately in need of a new bag *yet another hint hint to whoever is reading*. Even better is the fact that my wonderful friend Lauren is one half of the duo behind this brand… and the other half is her super talented mum, who hand draws all the prints!

Portovelo Shoes
Yeah, so I REALLY need a new pair of shoes. Portovelo are a Hong Kong-based brand that have been on my radar for a while and as those holes in my soles start getting ever bigger, I think it might be time to finally take the plunge. My friends all assure me that Portovelo’s canvas pumps are mega comfy and I love that the company donates meals to children in need all over the world with every pair purchased. Looking good + feeling good = truly a match made in heaven.


…Well, you have seen the name of my blog, haven’t you? And we all need a trip down the rabbithole every once in a while…

Wonderland Whimsy

Jack Wills Lachbury Chambray Dress
For those of you that may have dismissed Jack Wills as preppy nonsense, may I present to you this utterly charming chambray dress? True fact: Jack Wills actually create dozens of beautifully beguiling dresses every season; I even wore one to my friend’s rainbow-themed wedding last year. They’re made from good quality fabrics, are fully lined and are actually really well made too, so if you’d like to look different from every Zara/H&M-bot on the high street, give these guys a go.

PS Besitos Alice In Wonderland Book Clutch
I have wanted one of these book-style clutches for a long time (check out PS Besitos entire shop of handmade lovelies here)… and what with my blog’s name, it just has to be that book really, doesn’t it?!

Carmen Chan J’aime Moi Ring, TOPSHOP Make A Wish Charm Necklace
Carmen Chan is another fantastic local designer to watch; I really love the whimsical, wistful feel of her jewellery… and I’m willing to make allowances to my “no rings” rule for this!

UGG Luciana Stripe Wedges
Did you know that UGG don’t just make furry boots? Yeah, me neither – but aren’t these retro raffia striped wedges totally rocking?!

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadows, Deborah Lippmann Rockin’ Robin Nail Polish
I wrote about the mint choc chip ice-cream dream that is Rockin’ Robin here… but why the hell have I not written about Giorgio Armani’s Eyes To Kill Eyeshadows yet??? They’re one of my absolute holy grails in the cosmetics cabinet and I love the wash of gorgeously glittery multi-dimensional colour they give. Definitely one of my true make-up miracles.

Let’s check back in autumn to see how many of these things I actually ended up buying, shall we?!

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