pa AA62 nail polish review

pa AA192 turquoise black glitter nail polish

Forget about the current nail polish trend for texture (you say texture… I say bed-sheet marks from your polish not drying properly), I’m all about the current craze for dots, spots and all things speckly! Both Illamasqua and Deborah Lippmann have come out with glorious collections of pastel crème polishes speckled with black glitter spots – and so to satisfy my dotty urges before I could get my mitts on either of those, I picked up pa AA62.

I know, catchy name, innit?!  pa is a Japanese cosmetics brand currently wreaking havoc with my MS Word spellcheck as it’s written all in lower-case, and their polishes come in tiny Borrower sized bottles. Which is a shame, as AA62 is definitely a polish that you will want a whole lot more of!

pa AA162 nail polish

AA62 is a muted turquoise jelly base speckled with matte black glitter and bigger matte black hex glitter. You guys know I love turquoise so it’s unsurprising that this was a case of total unadulterated love at first sight!

The shade of turquoise is absolutely GORGEOUS; it’s a slightly more muted, darker teal rather than a zinging aqua but it’s still bright and beautiful, even more so thanks to the super shiny, squishy jelly finish. Ahhhh… so squishy I wanna die!

pa AA162

Whilst the small black glitter is dispersed well throughout the polish and spreads easily onto the nail, the bigger pieces are pretty impossible to fish out (you can see some hiding in the bottle itself in the photos). Personally, I’m not too fussed about this as it looks stunning as it is – but maybe it would look even more stunning with the occasional big piece?! I guess we’ll never know!

Otherwise, AA62 is really easy to use. It’s opaque in two coats and dries to a shiny glossy finish, that’s pretty smooth even with the peeps of glitter. pa’s brush is small but easy to control and spreads the polish well. Simple as that!

pa AA162 swatch

The only problem with AA62? Given the doll-sized bottle, you may need to buy several back-ups if you get as addicted to it as I have! It’s like a slushie studded with strawberry seeds – and as weird a combo as that sounds, I just can’t get enough of the stuff.

Looks good with: summer brights, pick n’ mix, scrummy fruit smoothies
Drying time: 5 mins
Coats required: 2
Chips: 3-5 days

pa AA62, Tsubu Tsubo Collection, $38 (or something like that!), City’Super

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