Smitten with Sugar Kisses

I promised Pretty Things for this blog so I’ll introduce you to one of my (many) weaknesses – greetings cards. Specifically, ones that are just too pretty to give away.

I have been known to buy these with absolutely no intention of ever ‘greeting’ anyone with them other than myself. I have also been known to purchase whole sets of any designs I get particularly taken with. These cards – a series called Sugar Kisses by Jeannine – are the result of one such smitten bulk-buy.

I just love this artwork –– the colours, the style, everything! – and find it reminiscent of the similarly gorgeously-girlie stuff by Jeffrey Fulvimari.

They were bought many years ago from a yummy mummy boutique called Indigo on Bramcote Lane in Wollaton, Nottingham, which was always good for a gander, setting your heart and hungry eyes to ‘covet’ mode fairly quickly! Alas, the Internet has failed me by yielding no information about the artist or the designs so if anyone knows anything more about these gorgeous prints do let me know. Otherwise, just enjoy!

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