Cake That! (A stranger! From the outside! Oooooh!)

With each tier based on a character from Toy Story, is this not the best cake ever?!

Oh OK… how about this one?


If they’re all a bit too big for you, how about this little fella instead?

And how adorable are those miniature alien figures in the back? Want!

Bet Maxim’s Devil Cake feels all sorts of inadequate now.

UPDATE: Confetti Celebration Cakes has now closed down. I believe it’s now been renamed Christina’s Creation Cakes and their Facebook is here.

Confetti Celebration Cakes, Shop 1.08, 1/F, The Style House, The Park Lane, 310 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay

Check out their website and Facebook for even more cool confectionary creations. Like Sesame Street cupcakes kind of cool.

3 responses to “Cake That! (A stranger! From the outside! Oooooh!)

  1. I feel stupid, but I can’t figure out who the 3rd layer is on the 7 layer toy story cake. From top to bottom:
    Stinky Pete?
    Mr. Potato Head
    ??Rex/Little Green Men/Green Army Men?? I can’t figure out what the grey blotch is and those strange arms sticking out.

    • Hi Karen,

      You can click on the photo for an enlargement if that helps, although it’s still a little fuzzy as it ws taken indoors, through glass and on an iPhone.

      The layers are (from the bottom):

      LIttle Green Alien (it’s the blue belt buckle that’s part of his costume, you can also see it on the Little Green Alien cake below)
      Mr. Potato Head
      Rex (look up pics of Rex and you’ll see he has the grey splodge down his chest… and of course, little arms are what a T-Rex is all about!)

      Well, in my opinion anyway! Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by.


  2. Rach,

    Thanks for replying. I never would have gotten that the 3rd layer was the Little Green Men.

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