Is the juice worth the tweeze?

How cute are these novelty tweezers?!

These are exactly the sort of pretty little things that I love – and exactly the kind of pretty little things HK offers by the bucket-load!

Only HKD$10 from Ella (a great shop for spending hundreds of bucks on several other pretty cute things too – don’t say you weren’t warned).

2 responses to “Is the juice worth the tweeze?

  1. Where in the world do I order novelty tweezers like the ones I see on this website??

    • Hi Morgan

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      I’m not sure where in the world you live but these are from a shop called Ella, which has many branches in Hong Kong, but they are a local company and don’t do any kind of online ordering.

      I found some similar on a website called and I guess there’s always Ebay! If readers have any other suggestion, drop a comment below!


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